Pixel Gun 3D – Black Hole [Review]

“Pixel Gun 3D Black Hole Sniper Gameplay Review – Pixel Gun 3D Best Sniper 2019! (PG3D Black Hole Sniper) Best Guns in Pixel Gun 3D – Pixel Gun 3D New Update 2019 (Mod Menu/Mod APK iOS/Android) Pixel Gun 3D Hack iOS/Android New Update 2019 – ExxotikGaming”

Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with another awesome Pixel Gun 3D weapon review! How long has it even been since I’ve done one of these…? Yes, well, it’s finally time to come back to it. We’re taking a look at the gun that’s on EVERYONE’s mind…the new Supercharged Rifle of 2019…the most OP sniper in Pixel Gun 3D history: the Black Hole! Why is this gun so overpowered? Let’s find out!
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35 thoughts on “Pixel Gun 3D – Black Hole [Review]

  1. Yep when someone spams the ghost lantern I'm going to use op guns because I hate playing pool party and everyone is using the ghost lantern and I'm using the Dino it is annoying

  2. Ive seen op weapons on my team, i cant get a kill neither 1 i cant. I just get assists, well without a player with a Op weapon u will lose but just why? Its unfair, PG3D should decrease op weapons, like the exo skeleton and circus cannon.

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