Pioneer DJ CDJ-900 vs CDJ-800MK2 Comparison by 866-776-6499 DJTy from compares the Pioneer DJ CDJ-800MK2 and the CDJ-900.

We get a lots of questions from DJs asking us if the CDJ-900 is worth the extra cost over the CDJ-800MK2. The CDJ-900 has a beautiful screen and will play off of USB drives. On top of that, throw the SLIP mode in and it’s an obvious choice.

We’re an authorized Pioneer DJ dealer as well as everything we sell.

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21 thoughts on “Pioneer DJ CDJ-900 vs CDJ-800MK2 Comparison by

  1. hi dj ty

    im looking forward to the video comparing the cdj-900, cdj-850 and cdj-800mk2… ill make my decision based on that!


  2. QUESTION….He said when connected up to a laptop the cdj becomes the soundcard, well i have a shit laptop with a shit soundcard, as its so crap i cant record mixes in good quality, so am i right to say that when i buy my 900's and connect them up my mixes on the same programme will be really good quality??

  3. @mikey2k8whoyeah Nope, it's not. It's a MK2 with MKI buttons. The shop I had service mine only had one set of MK2 buttons – so the put in MKI to match until the restocked.

  4. @XenunX Awesome! Now when you're ready to make that purchase, reach out to us and help us keep the lights on and the videos comin'. Everyone should buy their guitars from GC. Let us help you with the rest. Thanks for watchin…

  5. I gotta say that CDJ900s are amazing. I got to compare them at Guitercenter yesterday for 2hours side by side and they are definetly worth the extra cash.

  6. @DJBPMSOUND id go with the 900, iv had both, the cdj 1000 is similar to the 800 really just slightly better, the 1000 doesnt have usb control cant play from a flash drive etc, cant do quantizing with loops. also the 900 has slip mode and the 1000 doesnt. the only thing i prefer on the 1000 is the hot cues. i beleive the 900 has better sound quality aswell as pioneer claim.

  7. You got it Jon. I have them serviced after a couple of thousand hours. The shop that did it for me didnt have enough SIlver buttons and we were under a time crunch – I needed them back and he was leaving the country for 3 months. I should have them all back to normal in about a month.

  8. this is no match! it was just yesterday when i bought my 800s from you guys 🙁 time to upgrade once again!

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