43 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2 Scratch

  1. You said this guy's a fake, but a Sountec guy with a million subs isn't fake? (Yeah, Sountec's fakin' it a lot of videos but some of his videos are real, but I still appreciate his mashups btw)

  2. He state's that sound is recorded separately . So don't call fake before you read the overview. You just have to trust him . Sounds n looks spot on to me and at 1.39 there's no flare he pauses and switchs speed

  3. @dmyers45
    BezKsywy is a Polish DJ Champion.. I've heard him at the Finals of Pioneer Championships, and I can swear that isn't fake 😉
    I have never seen better scratching DJ in Poland 😀

    Pozdro BezKsywy!

  4. also. forgot to ask. do you have to have the crossover set a certain way. I always keep mine in the middle so the volumes are both equal when the crossfader is in the middle. I hope that makes sence

  5. how do you do that. i was never able to get the crossfader and scratching the table at the same time down. also. do you just loop a 1 sec segment on another table or something while the song is playing on another player. Just curious. Sick mix bro
    keep it up

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