7 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ 800 MK1

  1. Am i was wondering since i see the 800 mk1's don't have usb port(if that's true) do u need a computer to work with it even to throw a gig.I want to get cdj's and use them with usb flashdrive without a laptop at a gig and the 800's are the cheapest ones

  2. Hey! I was wonndering if you had an issue using mp3 audio. I noticed you have burned CDRs in your CDJs. Do you use itunes mp3s and burn them to disc?

  3. finelly a vid from 2014 and in HD about 800 MK1,im about to but it as well,dident found any review untill i found yours 😀 btw,can you expleine*[yeah my english sucks] how the memory thing works?

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