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  1. I have one cdj 400. I need another one…cheap but in gr8 condition. Off the record. What kind of speakers are you using and mixer?

  2. @TheSPARTANn yes. the cdj's only put sound into the mixer… it doesn't matter if you have one brand new cdj2000 and one numark from 1924, it makes no difference.

  3. @matt2house .. finally… do you know mathematics of sound and statistics? ok… look this study: "signal reconstruction from sampled data using neural network" << google… if not, the important fact for you about that study is this sentence: "In the case of a musical Compact Disc(CD), the CD contains digital data obtained by sampling a particular musical signal. The sampling frequency is set to 44.1 kHz, considering that human audition is not sensitive to sound components that exceed 22 kHz."

  4. @matt2house … now, because CD audio signal is reconstructed with digital sources, isn't a vinyl-like quality signal? I'll take a sample of cinema technology: what you see at screen is only 24 frames per second; 24 frames per second of a very very higher resolution that reality has… and because that, can you tell you have not sufficient frames for to watch a movie properly? It is an example of how a finite technology offers an adequate representation of reality without have infinite sources

  5. @matt2house, where's evidence and what kind of evidence? don't confuse: when you play CD or MP3 or vinyl, you are listening an analog signal, not a digital signal; but the way how the information is coming to you, is digital (cd, mp3), or analog (vinyl)… so both technologies produces analog sound. With vinyl, the analog sound is "taken" as is at the vinyl surface, while with cd the analog sound is a reconstruction (more info, better reconstruction)…

  6. @Brainsformed Yes but there's evidence to proove that cds or mp3 sound quality cannot match that of analog sound at raw 10khz signal . Digital recordings have to increase the bit rate in order to capture the sound quality. So regardless of what technology that comes out in the electronical music world, it'll always be difficult to match the raw sounds of vinyl. Which goes back to my point on the sound quality between vinyl and cd.

  7. @Brainsformed Secondly not all tracks will be played at 320kbps, some might be half of that size or even two thirds of it. As this is my point that you can come across some dodgey mp3 files with a dodgey bitrate.

  8. @matt2house : Today, electronic musicians makes its music over digital technology… it implies to use a sample rate, with a bit dept, over a DAW; what it signifies? you cannot reach more limit than your equipment gives you… so, if you use a Virus C keyboard, you are really using a DSP chip, VST? the same, and altough you may use a 24/96 technology, when you translate that to some record, you are yet limited by the format limitations.. so… I'm very very happy using 320Kbps MP3

  9. @matt2house … its a psychological effect, not a fact about "quality"… in the real life, no one people can do a real difference about CD or vinyl, (in fact, the same test can be applied to that people who is recording at 24bits/96,000 sample rate against those who record at 16/44,100 over a DAW); less when you are at the dancefloor trying to date someone… follow me…

  10. @matt2house … quality appreciation between CD and vinyl is subjective; first of all, human ears have limits on what and how you can listen things (You can listen only frequencies around 20Hz – 20kHz); "how well" an audio sounds is a cuestion about the total amount of energy being expressed in a frequency range (vinyl format, i.e. can reproduce sounds around 50kHz, twice our hearing threshold) and cause that it feels like it sounds "better" (Nyquist Theory).. but but but… (follow me next)…

  11. @Brainsformed ok well I wasn't talking about vinyl labels or mp3 fees. I was actually talking about the difference of sound qualities between vinyl and cd. I am aware that vinyl has slowed down but that's not the point. The point is that vinyl sounds are far richer than cds which digital recordings cannot reproduce. Plus mp3s tend to variate in the sound qualities some of them might be too loud, or too quiet or even a bit choppy.

  12. @matt2house… I understand you but unfortunately, vinyl is becoming in fact a slow way for to give the last stuff to the masses… let me know: how many labels are launching its last stuff on vinyl against mp3, by example?… because that only fact, vinyl is really becoming unsuitable. Moreover, compare the total fee amount that you have to waste on to get your music in vinyl format against the total fee amount that you pay for to get the same stuff in mp3 format… where's the winner?.

  13. @deejaysuspence I do know what I'm talking about matey……I do know what I'm drifting at. I know because I own a pair of cdj's and a pair of 1200s. I dont upload my mixes on youtube because I dont have to. It's you that doesnt know what you're talking about mate (and you're only 17). I can tell u right now that vinyl is more real than cd's. Cd's will never be able to match the analog sounds of vinyl mate it just mimics it which is why it's digital.

  14. @ElijahcantxDance I'm not slagging off cdj's at all mate. I know the sound quality of vinyl is better than cds because the sound is analog. Where as cds is digital meaning the sound quality is mono. I can see the technical advantage of cds but to say that vinyl is obsolete is just bullshit….right pile of bollocks.

  15. @matt2house Armin Van Buren says it is hard for Djs to let go of vinyl because CDs and USB harddrives are becoming modern. Id just agree with him and let it be for both sides.

  16. @HaunebuVrilThule ooo pressured are you haunebullshit artist? hmmm quite typical for a jerkoff that would pretend to be something which you're not (even though you claim to mix cds)…. 🙂

  17. @HaunebuVrilThule " I used to use vinyl. I've been playin' with turntables and now CDJ's for 20+ yrs ". cdj's for 20+yrs eh?…now I know that you're a bullshit artist becoz no dj will ever say that vinyl is oboslete and plus cdj's have been around for 10 years mate. also….you havent got any clips of yourself in the mix.

    P.S you still are a wanker for saying vinyl is obsolete.

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