Photoshop SMART OBJECTS explained using 7 HOT TIPS

Photoshop Smart Objects explained with potatoes. 7 smart object tips for Photoshop. In the photoshop tutorial, Colin Smith explains what Photoshop Smart Objects are, how they work and drops 7 tips the will change the way you work in Photoshop:
1 Scaling
2 Smart Filter
3 Can change them
4 All change together
5 Can change 1 separately (power tip)
6 Nest them together
7 Can go back and change at any time

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25 thoughts on “Photoshop SMART OBJECTS explained using 7 HOT TIPS

  1. This is wonderful…I've become addicted to using Smart Object. So much application in nearly everything I do in PS. Thanks

  2. Well, since Mr. Potatohead is a favorite character of mine, I really paid attention to how Smart Objects work using potatoes as the example. Learned a lot. Dig them Spiky Monarchs.

  3. I use photoshop when I feel creative and just immerse myself in the joy of … say ….. creating a pencil sketch from a photo

  4. thank you, you explained it perfectly, at least now I understand it after all this time I sell items on line and found the clarity of my photos change every time I shrink or expand them or matter of fact anything I do to the photo. Now I will do things differently. I will be watching this video again to make SURE I got it. Thanks again

  5. Very helpful thanks. You wanted to know what viewers wanted from Photoshop. I'm ancient. Just learning so a newbie. Desperate to produce something that would be good enough to frame and sell. That's it! Not there yet though!

  6. Have been working my way through several of your excellent tutorials. You asked what I mainly use Photoshop for? Although my photos' are generally started in Lightroom, I mainly paint people with PS. I'm not that good at it, but it's my escape, my break in the middle of a workday.

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