Photoshop Basics: Layers, Masks, and Smart Objects #AskPiX

Layers, Masking and Smart Objects are the building blocks to the most advanced techniques in Photoshop. Basics are major and need to be addressed to avoid any confusion we might have even as a professional. In this tutorial, we are going to touch upon the very basics of Photoshop, in other words, the life-lines of Photoshop.

This tutorial is for both pure beginners who are starting out as well as for intermediates who are looking for a clarification on the basics or might have some confusions here and there. So, first off, we’ll be looking at what are layers, how they function and their usage. “Layers” is the heart of Photoshop and is one of the major reasons why people switch to Photoshop from Lightroom or other image processing applications.

Then we’ll be looking at one of the most confusing but actually really simple technique and feature called making. This is one of the most asked stuff, and also confusing and intimidating to perform in Photoshop. But in actuality, it’s really easy.

At the end, we’ll be looking into smart objects and will compare its benefits over normal raster layers. We’ll be analyzing the non-destructive abilities of smart objects in Photoshop.

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50 thoughts on “Photoshop Basics: Layers, Masks, and Smart Objects #AskPiX

  1. bro you are the best … you covered so many topics in such a short period of time and explained it in such a way…it's too perfect man…wish i had these explanation skills :')

  2. I have watched many videos to understand "layers" but no one could make it so easy to understand as you did. Thanks!! It helped a lot 🙂

  3. when we download photo from plugin pexel then where these photos downloaded in our computer?
    please reply me.

  4. Layer and mask are already confusing, you confused it further by using overlay.
    Why the picture became red when I painted it in white?

  5. So then, what is the use of a rasterized image? And please make a video on Flatten, Merge visible, & the like? And yes, this was an excellent tutorial. Very useful.

  6. You do a great job and I am getting hooked on your videos. Do you have ant concerning batching and actions? Your awesome. keep up the good work!

  7. When i use overlay & certain other blending options, my image disappears. Could anyone please help me with this issue. Its driving me crazy.

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