Peopoly Moai long term review

The Peopoly Moai has been in my possession for almost a year, and finally I have my (long term) review. This printer has performed very well apart from when my own mistakes got in the way. During this period, it has undergone significant improvements, such as the slicing software, support documentation, anti distortion updates to the firmware and the introduction of new hardware such as the FEP vat and easy level build plate. For a nice summary of these changes, please visit the review linked below.
If you can justify the financial investment required to buy the printer with these parts, it will be a solid performer. Although the test prints shown in this video are of great quality, I did most of my printing in the colder months, which makes the resin thicker and detracts from detail. The results would be better still with a chamber heater (which I have now ordered).
This printer was provided to me free of charge by Peopoly for the purpose of making this video. All opinions expressed are my own. I’m really sorry it took me so long to make this!
Peopoly Moa kit with FEP vat:
Peopoly Moai easy to level build platform:
Peopoly Moai spar FEP film:
Peopoly UV curing light:
Formlabs Form 2:
Peopoly wiki:
Matt30 honest review:
Models featured in this video:
Eiffel Tower:
Bearded Yell:
28mm Enchanter:
Chise Chibi Miniature:
Krampus chibi miniature:
Chain mail:
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35 thoughts on “Peopoly Moai long term review

  1. Hi there! Great video. I've been using the moai for about 8 months now and have gone through a Love hate love hate relationship with it. Peopoly resin really well. But I need casting resin. I've had printing success with Waxcast, photocentric and bluecast. But to say it prints flawlessly would be a gross overstatement. However, I am curious to what blend of bluecast you were using and if you could share your settings on both the machine and software. I've invested at least 1000$ in resin at this point and am starting to lose my mind. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi, thanks for share, my concern with this resin printres are the maintenace expences, film, etc. How is it doing now on do you have extra expenses with it?

  3. Great review Michael. It does look like a very capable machine and with a sizeable build volume too, I think I'll stick to FDM, not a fan of all the potential mess or fumes.

  4. Thanks for the review, disappointing to see you blaming a local supplier for delays on an items that was clearly on back order. A six week delay is hardly big especially when Peopoly often has these sorts of delays. We need more local carriers of these sorts of 3D printing items not less.

  5. hey man! long time listener first time caller…. i really dig your stuff. its thorough, and to the point. a hard combination. i know your a busy guy, and i am not trying to blow up your channel with spam, i was just wondering if you had any advice for a relatively new youtuber! my channel is do you think you could find the time to pop over and take a look? im always looking for advice! thanks for your time! and keep the awesome videos coming!

  6. On removing supports; one option is to remove them before final curing, which is what I do. At that point the resin isn't so brittle and it's easier to get a flush cut – however as the curing isn't yet fully complete it is even more important to wear properly-rated gloves (nitrile or neoprene – not latex) to protect skin from the resin which is a skin sensitiser ("can induce an allergenic response following skin contact"). Wearing protective goggles is the same either way of course – resin chips can still fly about and can be really nasty if they get into the eye.

    I think the resin printer manufacturers and retailers should be much more clear about the need for adequate ventilation (ideally extraction, which you're now doing – I had a similar experience when I first started in that I noticed I was wheezing after post-processing prints, fixed with good extraction) – I see far too many people in forums taking unnecessary risks and not treating the various chemicals with due respect. The safety precautions are not difficult, needn't be expensive, and are the same for all machines and resins.

  7. Thanks for this video. I have looked into the Moai in the past. I have 2 FDM printers and was considering a resin printer due to the incredible detail you can get. I am glad to see that Peopoly is addressing issues with their printer and software. That makes the Moai a definite contender if I do go the resin route. Keep up the great videos! 🙂

  8. I'm glad you went ahead with the review – and included the very important details about supports being a vexation with even the finest prosumer-ish resin printers. Too many reviewers wax rhapsodic about resin printer resolution without acknowledging resin printing's numerous aspects that are a giant pain in the ass.

  9. How does it compare to FDM for mechanical parts. Can I print functional gears out of something with the properties of Taulman 910 or similar and does it have to be hollow can I print a solid piece Like I do right now to do a planetary to lift 400 lb or so?

  10. I have two resin printers, this Moai and the 3dmilkshake one, but I haven't used them much.
    I think I will need to move them to my small spare work room to avoid fumes, it certainly is too much when you have them running allot in your main work/living room. Only problem to sold then is to get heaters for the printers because printing at 10-15'C is a no go (might be ok on the milkshake).

  11. I just got mine yesterday. I built it but haven't tried to use it yet. I did get the easy to level plate and FEP vat and UV light. I just been busy trying to get Palette working with my MK3S.

  12. I have this resin printer and absolutely love it! I have a much larger resin printer the Phrozen Transform coming this summer and I will definitely be moving much more of my statue prints to it.

  13. You are doing such a great job. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences so we can easily upgrade our equipment and learn new things.

  14. I would really like to see some comparison by same models printed with galvos VS LCD resin printer. It would be nice also, if possible if the two models are printed using same kind of resinn. Some close up picture, to see really in detail superficial texture would be great.

  15. I am amazed by the frequency (and yet good quality) of your content in general… Where do you find the time? Do you also have a 24 hour day up there?

  16. I wasn't waiting for this review but I enjoyed it as I know nearly nothing about resin printing. I've not gone down this path due to expense (and potential mess). I look forward to your review of the 'affordable' printer 👍

  17. I'd really like to see reviews for the affordable Chinese Moai alternatives like the Longer Orange 10 & 120 or the Creality LD-001. Would be really interesting to see a comprehensive comparison review of all those basically rather similar affordable resin printers, to see which one offers the best bang for the buck.

  18. You should do a comparative between print cost.
    What i hate about any resin printer review is: how about the printing cost?

    Because it's not just about the resin vs filament.
    If i print the "same" model . In the resin it will have more supports, but it's hollow , thin wall, without infill.

    How much more or less material it will gonna need ?

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