Parents Who Have Lost a Child | Can Ask Meh?

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Parents Who Have Lost a Child | Can Ask Meh?

How did your child pass on? Did you blame anyone for what has happened? How do you deal with grief? These are some of the questions that parents who have lost their child answer on this episode of ‘Can Ask Meh?’

If you need help, approach a counsellor at Child Bereavement Support, Singapore via or email to

CAM is inspired by You Can’t Ask That, Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s original series.

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This video is part of our Offbeat series. Welcome to our no-judge zone, where nothing is off-limits. Join us to create open, honest dialogues for a more progressive society.

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49 Responses

  1. Our Grandfather Story says:

    Our utmost thanks to the parents for sharing their stories. Watch with subtitles by enabling [CC]. Watch the previous episode featuring people with Down syndrome here:

    If you enjoyed our video you can contribute by helping us translate the video into different languages for our friends from different parts of the world!

  2. Noy Bounyasouk says:


  3. cristina sj says:

    this must be so hard for them, the lady crying omg, hope their life goes completely fine and go throught this

  4. toti asem says:

    What helps me most dealing with the death of my belief in Allah/God..and the fact that hopefully we'll one day meet in heaven I pray that we both can get to heaven..I can't imagine if i didn't believe in an afterlife or sth what it would feel like..I hundred percent believe in an afterlife ..or else this life would just be useless..this can't be just it..we can't just die and be buried and decay and that's it..then other ppl inherit what we worked for and left behind..everyone equally..same ..there's a purpose for our a baby would die and be buried and have the same end like an evil criminal..without judgement?..because in this life so many injustices there must be justice for everyone in another eternal life..All this perfection of our creation can't just decay in the ground like that with no imagine a college student studying really hard and then bam before graduation night they die..then all their life is just in vain??..impossible..There's a God that created us perfectly and watching over us and testing don't worry it's not necessarily karma or a punishment if u lose's a test for us..and we should show patience ..because they went back to their creator ..and if they were a good person..then there's no better place to be.. That's why i believe the christian woman in pink had a better grieving process and more acceptance because she believes it's not the end ..I am Muslim and I have a similar belief..May Allah guide us all

  5. Erin Smith says:

    A year and 217 days ago i lost a friend to suicide. He was only 12 years old, and was bullied so badly but told no one. I miss him everyday💔💔my heart aches for all of these parents. If you are having suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone and tell them. Life is so worth living, it will get better. Someone somewhere out there understands exactly what you’re going through and even if no one you know is here for you well right here right now i am here for you and telling you to please keep pushing through❤️❤️Losing someone to suicide is a pain that is excruciating, because you are just like “..what could i have done. I never noticed. I could have helped and i never did” :(((

  6. ya boi sander says:

    I'm already so proud of the parents that they can talk about this. it's a really tuff topic

  7. VorzeCzYT says:

    Well. My mom miscarriage… At 6 month pregnant…. It was 1998 when she was pregnant of my oldest sister…. But well. She looks beautiful my mom said….. Her pulse were all like broken or something…. And miracle happened. She wanted a kid and in 1999 my sister is born. She's 20 now and finding jobs…. And well. My mom also aborted my little sis in 2009…. Her reason was that I'm still young to get a little siblings…. I felt guilty….

  8. Uj Lee says:

    How can people say it’s karma fucking hell there are special place in hell for these people

  9. Archana Archana says:

    hi. everybody reading this, if it's possible, go to your parents and tell them you love them. Please.

  10. coo coo says:

    i watched my mum die this year, in our home together. this video is like an emotional connection i can make with other humans, and feel their pain. no one around me knows what my brother and i watched, what we went through. so i am thankful this video exists. very thankful.

  11. Leanne Lim says:

    I actually didn't know that parents feel this way when they've lost their child. Why? Because my parents act like nothing happened. I understand them. And since they've acted like that, I thought that maybe that didn't hurt them or it was nothing to them. My parents never really told us about our older brother until I've asked them if I had an older sibling then my mother told me that I do have an older brother. Since then I've been crying every night thinking if my brother was still alive what would've happen? Why aren't my parents crying or mourning? Weren't they hurt or Is the pain all gone now?. It isn't they live with the pain their whole lives. I understand them a lot more now.

    Akala ko parang wala lang sakanila pero nasasaktan pa rin pala sila….

  12. Juliet Kuria says:

    The boy died on my moms birthday 😭

  13. Τηγανιτη πατατα says:

  14. Ceciielia Nadanba says:

    I’m glad some of them are still able to smile through this even if it may be bringing back memories they might not want they are still able to smile at those thoughts and memories and just reminisce ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Ceciielia Nadanba says:

    I feel so sorry for Doreen she wasn’t able to say goodbye to her son before he left this world yet he was to her
    To not be able to say your final goodbyes must’ve destroyed her and you can really see that by the way she was crying ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Ceciielia Nadanba says:

    I feel bad for everyone I couldn’t imagine the pain that they must feel everyday knowing that they are still on this earth while their kids are elsewhere

    They are so strong to be able to speak out and share this to so many people online
    I feel bad for everyone but for Doreen and Elaine it must’ve been so difficult with both of their kids having depression and then being driven to suicide and not being able to help

    For all of the parents they must’ve felt horrible most parents wish for their kids to grow and have kids and wish for their kids to outlive them these parents all have lost the most important things in their lives knowing that they’ll probably not see them again for a long time
    This must be so hard for them and yet they continue to stay strong and speak out ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    “Gone from our sights but never from our heart” truly means something and relates because as most say it’s hard to forget and even harder to move on and even if you don’t see them again their memories will always remain in your hearts forever, no matter what ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. RAIN LEE says:

    My parents have only brought this up once or twice but haven’t had the strength to talk again about loosing my elder sister before she was even born.
    Loosing a child is extremely difficult, and while I haven’t been through it, I can feel my parents’ pain echoing.

  18. Our Grandfather Story says:

    We've launched Season 3 of 'Can Ask Meh?' Watch the first episode on Stay at Home Parents here!

  19. Mayte Zambrano says:

    Wow sorprendentes y sobrecogedoras historias 😯😭

  20. Nim Jikook says:

    The bad thing is when parents don't care when you have depression

  21. Anime and Kpop lover says:

    This is so depressing and I am crying😢… I hope all parents that had lost their children could cheer up and I am really sorry for the lost. All your kids are in heaven and they had never leave you, they are still with you.

  22. Rubix Cube says:

    I remember trying to commit suicide the first time. I was in the hospital, it was my second night when I decided to call my mum. She put my baby sister on the phone who was maybe 3-4 at that time, and when I said her name she said “Sissy you feeling better now? you’re not sick anymore? you can come home??” And I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even talk and I started sobbing. I could have taken my life and left my little sister wondering where I was. I could have abandoned my baby sister and she wouldn’t have even understood that I wasn’t going to come home. I want to die sometimes. It’s so hard to try, but I think about that call with my little sister and I realize I can’t. I can’t do that to her. I could never take myself away from her life. Even then, even when she was so young, she needed me. When I got back home my mum told me that my baby sister and my baby brother both slept in my bed every night, and the night before I came home my little sister woke up sobbing because she missed me so much. I could never leave them. I refuse to leave my family behind no matter how hard my life will get. Seeing my sisters smiling face now, I think that I made the right choice.

  23. Koda L says:

    My school just had a suicide in my grade too…
    My mom went to school with his parents and now he's gone… People don't know how permanent death is and I hope no one is considering taking their own life.

  24. Marilena S says:

    No parent should ever have to bury their child..:(

  25. Madison Pyle says:

    My parents lost my sister when she was 5. It’s still hard for them to this day and it’s been 20 years. The pain never leaves, it just gets easier to bear it all

  26. username says:

    the woman in pink is really strong mentally. i respect her man. the woman with her husband tho.., im worried abt her. like i actually feel like she’s suicidal and is having a really hard time coping with her son’s death

  27. my husband is big marvel says:

    Aiyo I swear I'm gonna cry- uGHJsksksmskz
    Stay strong everyone 😭♥️♥️ i love y'all so much 🙁

  28. Mangie Lee says:

    oh god, this hit me so hard, especially about the mothers whom their children comitted suicide, I'm not a mother or anything, I'm just 14, but I have a friend from other country who I meet two years ago and a half on the internet and we have a really strong bond, she has depression and I'm always worried about her because of what depression may cause on people's lifes and that stuff, I'm always terrified about the idea of losing her from whatever reason or problem she ever had to go through, specially about her socializing problems and bullying she suffers from school and that, she said to me she was going to change school for the next year and I'm very happy about that fact, and also, she always says she's so thankful of meeting me and always listen to her when she really needs it other than the medication and therapies she have to take.

  29. 김지수 and 임나연 my babies uwu says:

    im crying this is so sad, how can they still alive, those parents are so fucking strongs, omg im in tears

  30. Lilly McElhaney says:

    Tbh I'm somewhat scared now because of the younglady who passed because of the brain cancer,I believe,The one with the head aches and ive had headaches very often for the past 8 years,Ive had scans and everything and they always said I never had a tumor or anything like that so im hoping I do not pass did she,I'm so sorry for her loss and I hope people dont hate me for posting this im just scared now

  31. Izzy says:

    Prayers to these families

  32. Leah Nguyen says:

    I am literally crying because if I grow up and if I get a child one of theses things can happen to me

  33. Nerdy Trash 0w0 says:

    Bless these families..they have been through so much. I just wanna give them all hugs and tell them it will get better.

  34. Donne David says:

    I am a child who acts like paper
    Flying around without to speak up

    Then i cut myself

    Now i am addicted

    Help me

  35. Lee Minho says:

    I tried to kill myself when I was 15 I was having a really hard time in my life too many things happened my body and mind was tired of it so I thought that I will never be happy again so I was about to do it but my parents came in the room and they saw the pills all over the floor because I was having a mental breakdown since that day after 3 long hard work and dedication trying to find the real happiness that I had before I still crying when I remember when my parents told me that they can't live without me so please keep breathing because the world needs your happiness your family needs you more than anything else you are beautiful, amazing, talented… And the most important keep breathing thank you ♡…

  36. Sarah Park says:

    In Korea there's a saying that "When a child loses a parent they bury them in the ground but when a parent loses a child they bury them in their heart." This video really let me understand this a bit more…. They are all so strong.

  37. Dively 31 says:

    So sad😢😓

  38. Dylan Asd says:

    This video changed the way I see the life

  39. Ricardo Isaula says:

    I can't even imagine how hard it was for them to get over it or live with that :'(

  40. Debra Torres says:

    What Evan says to his mom, meanwhile she was crying front of a camera to bring this video to us, bro, that broke me.
    I'm 17 y/o and i have anxiety and depression. We will never be able to completely understand the hurt and sadness of a father who lost his child, but we can help to this child to change that sadness and thouse suicide thoughts into a new life perspective.
    Sooo many people think that depression, anxiety, and so many other mental illness are a joke, but we, as a society should help this people to come through those dark and awful moments in their lives, feeling empty is one of the worst thing could happen; so let's help people like Evan, like me and like so other who are reading this, because anybody shouldn't have the feeling of loneliness.

    btw i want to apologize for my english

  41. Tasha Mott says:

    So, opening my heart here in comments. I have anxiety, and other undiagnosed other issues. Things like this make me wish I could take the place of some of the kids that died. I could be at peace and so would the parents.

  42. MEME ffh says:

    When someone passed away, how dare someone said "Everything is okay" to their family? It'll never be okay to them!!! It's painful, bitch! IT IS PAINFUL!!!

  43. Zeid Badulla says:

    my sympathy to your children

  44. ItsKat says:

    omai name is Agnes, what if I lose a child too-

  45. Astrid Wolfo says:

    The 33 day old son kills me, it's so sad, I'm crying now, I just wish babies couldn't die, they don't experience the world, they don't get any memories, they don't get first words and can never just explore…

  46. sha paller says:

    I lost my first baby 7 months ago she only lived for 26 days its the worst among all lost coz I'm an orphan at the same no longer excites me and grief is my constant companion until my last day on earth💔 I missed my Madison so much I treasured that 9 months in my tummy and 26 days in the hospital.I know we will meet again 👼

  47. Hii Byeee says:

    He said his last words was for me but I couldn't say mine. Woh

  48. smol little zella says:

    could not keep watching past 0:54 im crying already

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