Palette 2 on a CR10S Review – Multicolor 3D Printing

Learn what it takes to print in multicolor (including color lithophanes) on a CR10S. Some of these prints will blow your mind! Thank you to all of my patrons for paying for the hosting and continued development of as well as cool videos like this one! Become a patron here:
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17 thoughts on “Palette 2 on a CR10S Review – Multicolor 3D Printing

  1. PrusaSlicer 2.0 has already purge into object and infill. You can use that with p2pp and decrease the amount of waste significantly.

  2. Holy cow that looks tricky to setup & fine tune but to have "true" multi-color printing? Could be worth the trouble & wasted plastic, but pricewise, not in my foreseeable future. Thanks for the very cool video, though… just got my first printer back in January and it's fascinating to see how far the capabilities of this tech are being pushed by upgrades like the Palette2 and tools like yours. Keep up the great work!

  3. Very interested in palette 2 please do more videos on fine tuning and problems you see. Can’t seem to find any updates on people using it seems like they all give up.

  4. thank you for the info, new to lithos but been eyeballing the palette 2 just cant justify the cost or wasted plastic yet, keep us updated it is a great start but not there yet

  5. Thanks for the Slytherin feature! I've been following you since I heard about the color lithophanes. Liked and subscribed.

  6. Hey Thomas- I’ve been busy creating AWESOME Lithophanes with your Great Lithophane Tool!
    I purchased but sold the M3D QuadFusion Head… I think the Mosaic Palette 2 is the future of Multicolor Printing! I’m really liking your Color Lithophane and look forward to your future videos! Your setup on your CR10 would be a great Video too! Keep #Crushingit #NoSmallCreator

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