Our secret trip

Mạng lưới tin tức Công Nghệ

Our secret trip

Me and marzia go on a trip in secret to.
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27 Responses

  1. yahya ottmani says:

    i am moroccan and i love you

  2. Master of Ice says:

    Felix: gets to the front of the line

    "We're in the Endgame now"

  3. Kant says:

    leave a like if you are Moroccan and you hate Morocco.

  4. zion chan says:

    Big lol this video was uploaded on my birthday and I didnt even remember it was my birthday :/

  5. EthanJK Channel says:

    2 Months ago=BIG BRAIN

    5 Months ago=BIG BIRD

  6. Backyard Hockey says:

    Who else is just watching old videos while they’re waiting for his new video to come out?

  7. TALL GRIFFIN 368 says:

    loool there was a hair on the pizza
    like if you have seen it

  8. Gabrielle Mulder says:

    Good you didn't get killed here in morocco

  9. Elmahdi Hbaiz says:

    omg bro u went to morocco i am moroccan im so happy

  10. ro nin says:

    tfw you hate strangers but end up making friends everytime you are stuck in a line.

  11. The Hero Of Games says:

    Holy fricking crap I'm in morroco right now on a trip

  12. Isa Al-Baaj says:

    It's in Casablanca

  13. parkour channel says:


  14. Godwin Anto says:

    My grandma heard marzia's voice from the other room becouse the headphone was not plugged in, and she says she heard a baby chicken somewhere in the house😄

  15. Amakusa izuna says:

    Troll all people in Bali or troll in Indonesia or in America please say

  16. Amakusa izuna says:

    I like the honeymoon like this video 👍👍👍😊😊😊👍👍👍 I want to give 100000000 like for all

  17. Hamid Souiri says:

    لي مغربي يسطاصيوني حدايا

  18. drama club. says:

    Y'all I just realised he visited my country I-


    You like marrakech? I am Marrakech

  20. Fat Panda says:

    It’s not a secret anymore

  21. Mohammed Merbah says:

    We are love you (from morocco)

  22. Sam Hewitt says:

    I love seeing them happy and healthy

  23. Dewi Anjani says:

    You need to try Waterboom in Bali 🙂

  24. CoreyDtro says:

    Yo this place looks like a shithole though

  25. YT Stickman says:

    3:25 Marzia when she met Joergen #1 and looked away for 1 second

  26. Remix us says:

    من مين مغرب هنا

  27. MANA botiyas says:

    The way he came to morocco and we didn't even know 😂😭

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