Our Favorite Cases for iPad Pro 2018

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Our Favorite Cases for iPad Pro 2018

You picked up a new iPad Pro recently, and you’re wondering what the best case to pick up for your brand new iPad Pro 11″ or 12.9″ Hopefully this video can help you decide what to use to protect your new investment.

Pick up the cases featured in our video:

UAG Metropolis ➡
Zagg Slim Book Go Keyboard case ➡
Apple Smart Keyboard Folio ➡
Logitech Slim Folio Pro ➡
Sena leather Folio ➡
Moshi Versacover ➡
Otterbox Defender ➡

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46 Responses

  1. dubstep dolphin says:

    good video, thanks but they'll look ugly and out of place.non of them r even close to the design language of apple. the one with the pencil outside is the ugliest.
    imagine, you have this beautiful work of engineering covered in same old fake black leather with the pencil on the back! wat da frick guys we want to protect pencil.

  2. Branson Bates says:

    How is the otter box symmetry? For this iPad?

  3. Branson Bates says:

    What is that wallpaper.

  4. Rob Forlani says:

    Great video guys, the Zagg for me with that totally adjustable hinge a winner!

  5. inhaleexhale says:

    Can you please review the Pipetto iPad Pro 12.9" origami cases? Thank you! They have an origami case without a pencil holder and a smooth case (also without a pencil holder) that I am interested in. They also make one with a pencil holder, but I am not sure how strong the magnets are. There is not much info around for these cases; a review would be appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Kam3man says:

    The otterbox case. Does the plastic screen protector interfere with the apple pencil in anyway?

    I use my ipad for drawing and I want to know if I can remove the plastic if it negatively effects the pencil.

  7. ScottieOwner2 says:

    I love the Poetic Lumox iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) case with Apple Pen slot.

  8. Zach H says:

    It would've been great if you all did a durability test on these cases. you know, because of the bendgate.

  9. inhaleexhale says:

    What is the best case to use for drawing mode / with the Apple Pencil / notetaking with the Apple Pencil etc.? I prefer a slight angle, not flat against a table.

  10. mmpiw danm says:

    the last one it s better

  11. Sep_027 says:

    Where to buy the last 1

  12. Christopher Eavestone says:

    I believe the Apple original case is built to compensate the thin iPad body?

  13. K Perttula says:

    I use Tragus cover, it’s strikingly similar as USG.

  14. Harven Sahota says:

    2:12 is my favorite

  15. DonutFave HD says:

    Idk but something about his voice just catches my attention

  16. Gwen Breneol says:

    I have already cracked my screen on my iPad Pro 11. Based on your recommendations in this video I am leaning to the otter box as the best "screen protection" as I had one on my iPhone or years and worked well. Also it has lifetime guarantee.

  17. Realtruth J.T says:

    I hate that UAG jeje

  18. DJ mike says:

    Last one

  19. Realtruth J.T says:

    Bro! Where is the Zugu case? It’s top of the line Awesomeness, a must see

  20. Sterling Williams says:

    The Logitech Folio cracked on me after a year (the fact the plastic snap in case isn’t flexible was mind boggling and thus why cracked one day when popping my iPad Pro out) For the crazy price it should’ve lasted for years. I’ve been super stoked w my $39 Amazon
    iPad Pro 12.9 Keyboard + Leather Case, Vivefox Wireless iPad Keyboard + Folio Smart Keyboard Case, with Pencil Holder, Auto Wake/Sleep Feature for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch(Not fit 2018 Version https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D76YPVH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_2j8pDbRVJA6QV but no idea why it’s not available anymore. Beautiful cover and amazing keyboard and lightweight

  21. Winson Wei says:

    No case sure be the best case but in case we have to pick a case with.

  22. J Gregory says:

    Great keyboard case is the chesona one. Got tpa (carbon fiber) , a great Bluetooth magnetic keyboard, and can become a folio for $29

  23. TheLivingApocalypse says:

    Can you guys do a more like value/quality version of this? Would really like to know some of the best cases on places like amazon

  24. Xalli Gonzales says:

    obviously sponsored. And I quote "and its apple so you know the quality is great" I hate those cases made by apple. Thumbs down for me for not going an honest review but a "paid" review

  25. Kromiqx says:

    I have the otterbox defender!

  26. Richard Sokol says:

    Zugu is what I bought iPad. Pro 11”.

  27. chiranjit pathak says:

    try STM cases ….its the best

  28. AverageJoe says:

    Apple Keyboard is expansive but it’s the most polished and beautiful design of all.

  29. David Mark Bishop says:

    Oh BTW there is another….Brydge Pro (Keyboard Style) it is pricey but looks do kill!


    I have both the Zugu Muse & Brydge Pro being shipped so I have best of both worlds

  30. David Mark Bishop says:

    Zugu Muse Case….. Hands down best on the market by a country mile!


  31. Jorrgii says:

    I want a protective case from bending my bendable iPad pro

  32. Richard Barnes says:

    Brilliant video, thanks! That’s given me some good cases to go check out. 🙂 Just from the video I can see I am going to like that UAG case in the same Blue colour as you have. Brilliant. 🙂

  33. Bilal Piano says:

    Awesome 👍
    I've a question please.
    Does the more expensive ipad cases keep the ipad at a lower temperature compared to cheaper cases ?
    Especially with heavy workload and gaming!

  34. Yoni Caragay says:

    can the otter case prevent your ipad from bending?

  35. MaxusMV says:

    I would recommend to the author give more precise data about the cases. Instead of repeatedly saying “extremely bulky”, or “very light” give the viewers the exact weight in grams and exact thickness in mm. The price should be given as well during the presentation

  36. A.Frank Blunt says:

    SUPCASE KEEEEEPS your iPad from bending and has drop shock protection. All the bs in this video is a joke

  37. A.Frank Blunt says:

    That shitterbox bullshit is garbage. After a year that rubber becomes deformed especially in cities with hot climates. And thar tray breaks after a week. Foh

  38. Rajesh Waran says:

    my favorite is logitech and uag

  39. savedfaves says:

    Many undercover spam comments here. Call it a hunch.

  40. savedfaves says:

    The price of Apple’s keyboard case is totally unjustified for its feature-set.

  41. Rose Blossems says:

    I like this vid and my fav case is the folio case made by apple

  42. djjolly 037 says:

    You need to get a hold of the brydge keyboard

  43. Saundra Smith says:

    STM Dux Plus or ZUGU Muse Cases!!

  44. Saundra Smith says:

    Moshi Versacover was overpriced,flimsy….I returned it the next day!

  45. Al Smith says:

    I love the Otterbox Defender. Between this and Apple Care, there should be no way this thing should bend short of Arnold Swartznegger intentionally trying to bend it. I dont mind thinkness if it provides protection and confort. I like my cases like i like my ladies, i dont mind a bit of thickness and junk in the truck! 😛

  46. Jeff Leblanc says:

    The first one is fine it’s not that big if you can’t Carry that u may as well leave your iPad at home otter box sucks they are to bulky hate ther phone cases also if you are gonna drop from a skyscraper go with otter the uag is the best or the apple keyboard

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