OLED Alienware m15 Review – RTX Graphics

Lisa Gade reviews the 2019 Alienware m15 gaming laptop refresh with the 4K OLED display option. The Alienware m series is the updated slimmer and lighter line of laptops and it’s available in a wide variety of configurations with your choice of 45 watt Intel Core i5, i7 and Core i9 processors, NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti and RTX 2060, 2070 Max-Q and 2080 Max-Q graphics. There are 15.6” full HD IPS 144Hz and 240Hz display options as well as our 4K OLED 60Hz display with incredibly saturated and bright colors. The notebook has 2 M.2 SSD slots, an optional hard drive and a 90 WHr battery option.
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46 thoughts on “OLED Alienware m15 Review – RTX Graphics

  1. Two important things to note: 1) stick with Alienware's black theme to get the best possible battery life. OLED uses no power to display black and lots of power to display white. 2) Using a colorimeter to calibrate the OLED display will give you much more accurate colors. A colorimeter is a hardware device that connects via USB, that typically sells for $150. Spyder5 and X-Rite are the two most common. Eyeballing the calibration is very hard to do with OLED wide gamut displays, so you really need the hardware. I have a video about display calibration here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1liCpcyWBQk .

  2. Omg, I can't take the review seriously listening to a mom reading scripts and knows more about cooking spaghetti than high end computer hardware.

  3. Your information seems incorrect considering that they all use the same display because there's only one place producing them. The display is 60hz pwm which is about as bad as possible

  4. I've owned Alienware laptops for years. My advice to anyone who is thinking of buying one, they're built for their purpose and perform exactly how you'd expect them to, but they need repasting with better paste if you want stock performance and good thermals. No one should have to underclock/undervolt a laptop because it's cooling can't keep up, it defeats the purpose of even buying a higher spec laptop.

    Alienware's temps are generally better than Razer's, but worse than MSI's. F*ck the i9 option off. Putting an i9 in a machine like this is idiotic. The marginal gain you'll get will be offset by the downclock just to get acceptable temps where the BIOS won't want to throttle itself just to control those temps under 95-100c. Which it will, and you can't prioritise it not to. If you can, buy a quad core version, refurbished or one that's been cared for secondhand. The extra cash you save can go towards something else or into more RAM or SSD space….


  5. got my m15 a couple weeks ago, don't have the 4k display (opted for the 108p 144hz display), and I LOVE IT. got the i7-8750H, 16gb ddr4-2666, 512gb nvme ssd + 1tb sshd, and the rtx 2070 max q. IT'S AN ABSOLUTE BEAST. Yeah it runs warm out of the box, but after undervolting the cpu core and cache by 0.130V, and using a cooling pad during long gaming sessions, my thermals are just fine. Gaming for several hours with max settings, my cpu averaged 75 celsius and the gpu about the same. There were a few spikes into the 80s but the average was perfectly fine for a gaming laptop. Also, my cpu clocks stayed pinned at 3910MHz on all 6 cores and the GPU boosted as high as 1815MHz and settled in at 1770MHz. These numbers are phenomenal and means that even at max settings, I'm getting well over 100 FPS in most current games (AC Odyssey, tomb raider, battlefield 5), with over 200 FPS in some of the popular eSports titles (LoL, CS:GO, fortnite).

  6. If only other channels reviewed near as many laptops😅, (linus pls oblige🙏), these reviews are good but i would prefer multiple opinions on any device

  7. Hi Lisa, you’re awesome! Hoping to bug you with a quick question.

    If you were getting an Alienware m17 (Rtx2070), which screen would you get?

    QHD, UHD or FHD?

    (I would be using it for gaming and watching movies, and surfing.)

  8. Posting from mine (maxed out – just south of $4K). I prefer brightness/resolution to frame rate, personally, so this was a great choice for that. Maybe it's not accurate, but I'll be damned if it's not the most gorgeous display I've seen on a gaming laptop.

  9. with alienware you choose a 100c cpu and dell claiming that 100c is the new OK temperature vor normal gaming , plus a cpu that has no tdp limit when plugged in and therefore tries to hold max turbo until it dies of thermals

  10. please help me decide which is this best laptop ?

    i7-8750H & GeForce GTX 1060 or GeForce GTX 1070 ( minimum req)

    1. MSI GS65 Stealth

    2. ASUS TUF FX505

    3. Dell G Series G7 7588

    4. Asus ROG Zephryrus M GM501

    or any other ?

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  11. Any gaming benchmarks at 2K and 4K? I’m wondering how these RTX cards do with the laptop display at those resolutions vs. the traditional 1080p on most

  12. Sort of tech related: can we all take up a collection or start a Gofundme page to replace Lisa's photo clip frames? I haven't seen those since my college dorm room circa 2003. Lisa, it's time to upgrade.

  13. I wish they would make a FHD version with OLED, why limit it to 4K? Not many games can game at 4K thats the problem and I'd rather have the 144hz FHD with OLED

  14. My Alienware 13R3 with oled and GTX1060 is getting old now. I was waiting for a bigger oled display before I upgraded but gonna keep waiting until they put the oled panel on a non-thin laptop.

  15. man laptops with GPUs got small in 10 years, still had my Alienware M17x r2 is does all out HTPC stuff so its nothing demanding anymore but you want to move it? well lets hope you can carry 12 pounds lol

  16. Couple of things to point out:
    1.If the SSD is a XG5 then the write speed is a simple bios/ssd frimware issue that u need to update, the speeds are very close to 970 evo.
    2.I got 23416 on geekbench and 2900 on R20 with xps 8750h with undervolt of -170, better temps and also better performance which u already know about Im sure but just for others to know and asking you to try out an undervolt and let us know how it went (of course without new paste because it’s review unit)

  17. I have the m17 and no I don’t care for the bezels that much and the zone lighting instead of per key but it’s still a nice laptop. People complain about thermals and literally 99% of all thin and lights have thermal issues. Also it’s not the GPU that runs hot. That doesn’t even go over 80c. It’s the CPU that gets hot and it can easily be repasted and undervolted. They did a very very poor pasting job so it’s not that the computers suck, it’s dell/Alienware not caring about the paste. Other than that I’m perfectly happy with mine. I have the 90whr battery and 1tb NVME with the 120hz 1440p screen and 2080maxq. Luckily these are the 90wh 2080 and with an undervolt and repaste this thing runs like a champ! And solid build quality also.

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