Older ENDER 3 vs New ENDER 3 – 3D Printer Review/Comparison

Chuck compares an New Ender 3 to an Older Ender 3 to see what has changed. He steps through the differences and shows you what to look for when buying an Ender 3. Creality doesn’t offer version numbers so Chuck tries to inform about what to look for an how to make sure you are getting the latest ENDER3 design.
9.25” x 9.25” is perfect size For Ender 3 but these were closest I could find on Amazon free Prime shipping.
8″ x 8″ Buildtak:
10″ x 10″ Buildtak:
You can get the exact size at Buildtak.com
Or just cut a 10”x10” with scissors.
Creality Ender 3:
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Ender 3 Pro:
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CHEP CUBE Test Print:
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Screwdriver set used in Videos:
ENDER 3/CR-10 Parts:
PTFE Coupling:
Capricorn Tubing:
CR10/Ender3 Silicon Heater Block Cover:
CR10/Ender 3 Nozzles:
Solder Sleeve Kit:
Ender 3 Fan Set (24v):
CR-10 Fan Set (12v):
T-Nuts Kit:
Screw Kit:
Creality Ender 3:
From Banggood :
From Amazon: :
From Gearbest :
Ender 3 Pro:
From Banggood.com:
From Amazon.com:
CR10 Mini
From Banggood :
From Amazon.com :
From Gearbest :
From Banggood :
From Amazon :
From GearBest.com :
CR-10S Pro (Banggood) $569.99 USA Warehouse:
CR-10S Pro (Amazon) $629.99 Prime:
CR-10S Pro (Gearbest) $599.99:
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22 thoughts on “Older ENDER 3 vs New ENDER 3 – 3D Printer Review/Comparison

  1. New ender 3 has also new spool holder bar and nut instead of 2 nuts on older model. I have newer version, but i cant end assembling it because of missing nut on new spool holder bar. Does anyone have stl file for this specific nut?

  2. Why Creality does not implement TRP to the firmware is beyond me, the cost would be negligible and the benefits priceless.
    Thankgod we have people like yourself educating the community on the safety aspects of 3d printers

  3. I have one of the new fiberglass backed beds and after only a couple of hours (@50 degrees) the black print surface bubbled up/de-laminated from the fiberglass in multiple spots. This caused the black surface to vary by over 0.2mm in multiple spots (a 0.2mm base layer completely vanished at these spots). Basically the glue layer between them was just unevenly applied/effective.
    I suspect my bed was just a rare defective one and that most are just fine.
    Luckily, Creality have been awesome offering a free replacement or discounted upgrade.

    On the adhesion front, I did have several small prints break free after the print exceeded 1cm or so in height (even when cleaned with IPA). In the end I've just checked adhesion in Cura and seen no problems since. Basically, without a single layer brim around my parts, the bed adhesion isn't good enough (unless the part has a large footprint).

  4. Have they done anything about the tubing and couplers?
    If you were to buy an ender 3 today with todays pricing, would you go for the standard or pro?

  5. i just got info from distributor that if we enable thermal runaway protection it disable the power lost recovery that the new ender 3 feature has. Is this correct? because i would like to enable thermal runaway protection. Anyway, i am using octoprint, so i don't use the power lost recovery.

  6. Thank you for the review. Linked here from Makers Muse , mentions you highly in his videos. Has the newer ender 3 fixed the coupler issues the machine was having few months back?

  7. The older machine looks like the original release version. The newer one looks like what they shipped just a month or so later, but with newer board.
    My first ender-3 was identical to your older machine, purchased when first released within couple of weeks, i believe it was still "preorder" and no machines in the wild. I purchased 4 more shortly after and they come with the glass fiber surface.

    You never know what you get with ender 3s, which kinda sucks for people like me who wants many identical machines. Now waiting for the "ultrabase" creality clones for each of them.

  8. Hey Chep.

    First off, great videos! Some of the "Non Stick" issues could be just a dirty surface. Try washing it in some soapy water. I had some spots that would not stick and after a good cleaning, no issues.

    Keep up the good work.


  9. Mine is the same as your new machine, but with a 1.1.3 main board and it also doesn't have press fit motor pulleys. Had it for about 3 – 4 months.

  10. Hey Chep! I just got my second ender 3 and they have updated it yet again! the new model comes with a newer much better spool holder. It is super slick and provides no resistance on the spool even on a tough angle. It also comes with yet again a new bed. It is much grippier and much closer to actual build tack. Comes with smaller clips now for some reason and also the filament extruder part seems to have a stronger spring. Had no issues with lack of gripping filament on the new one. hope this helps.

  11. got mine in the beginning of march and has the newer board, sock, longer cables, different plastic covers for the extrusions and removable bed.

  12. Hi Chep, did you ever flashed TH3D? Never thought about that thermal sensor problem which was solved with thermal runaway protection. Seems to be enabled by default in TH3D.

    Maybe you should recommend to always flash the Ender-3. And manual bed leveling for instance solved my problem printing x/y 15-20 cm big prints. Next I try linear advance to get rid of seaming (as far as possible) and sharper edges without killing perfect surfaces with reducing flow rate or e-step.
    You really should do a flash tutorial 🙂 (take the Ender 3 Pro.. because its so annoying because of the upside down pcb xD )

  13. my ender 3 pro keeps displaying “waiting for user” it happens randomly and was wondering if you knew how to get rid of it?

  14. Hi,  just wanted to thank you for a great video, I'm new to 3D printing and I've been struggling with adhesion and I thought I was doing something wrong, I changed the bed to a new glass one and immediately the difference was incredible. On the plus side, over the last two weeks. I've had a lot of practice at levelling.

  15. i got the new version on Gearbest and i love it!! the only "downside" is that the new version have press fit pulleys on the motors.. so you have to make some mods to put dumpers.. thats it.. the ender 3 over all is the best money can buy printer!! its like the sony a6000 in mirroless cameras if you know what i mean.. Chep is also the best channel you can learn everything for the ender 3 thanks man!! =)

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