NIKON Z 14-30mm F4 Review. VS 14-24mm VS 16-35mm

A detailed look at the performance of the new Z Nikkor 14-30mm F4 and how it compares to both the F-mount 14-24mm F2.8 and F-mount 16-35mm F4.
Picture quality
Who the lens is for ?
Filter holders
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22 thoughts on “NIKON Z 14-30mm F4 Review. VS 14-24mm VS 16-35mm

  1. I've recently sold my D700, 16-35mm f4 VR, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8 VR II & 85mm f1.8. I now own a Z6 with the Z 14-30mm f4 S, Z 24-70mm f2.8 S & 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 VR E.
    The 14-30 is sharper than my old 16-35 but not spectacularly sharp in the corners (but equally soft both left & right). Centre sharpness IS good. However, once my Hoya neutral filter is replaced by a CP filter, I get no vignetting at 14mm & f8. I'm yet to experiment wide open but do expect the corner sharpness to be lets just say – average. The 14mm end is probably closer to 15mm when the automatic distortion correction is applied. The Z 24-70mm f2.8 S is a spectacular lens! The high ISO performance of the Z6 is frankly amazing – the D700 wasn't bad but lags by at least 3 stops so shows how sensor tech has improved in 10yrs. I'm impressed by how good a job Nikon have done with their 1st F-F mirrorless, especially compared with a major rival.

  2. Before you started to compare sharpness of the images, did you notice, that size of D850 is 10% smaller on the samples from 14-24/2.8? may be it is a bit wider?

  3. I have heard from a number of people that focus stacking using the Z6/Z7 does not align properly when using the 14-30 F4 Can you test this and confirm?
    Also, will the new Nikon 14-30 f2.8 take screw on filters or will we be back to the dinner plate filter holder that I need for my 14-24 f2.8 Thanks!

  4. thanks for the video, there is many reviews and comparison between it and the 14-24mm says that the 14-30 is softer specially at dx corners and fx corners. and dow released the review of the 14-30 and it shwos its much softer than the 14-24mm even compairing it to 14-24 @ 2.8, many people are saying there is bad copies of this lens, what do you think

  5. What do you say about the very strong distortion and vignetting if the images arent corrected by software?? just wondering?

  6. Hi Ricci
    Thanks for your review. I am in doubt of buying the Z 14-30 or the Z 35 1.8
    (I already have the Z 24-70 f4). I know they are very different lenses! But i can spent my money only once.
    Can you say something about the quality of the lenses in comparison to each other. Especially aspects as sharpness, CA, etc .
    Thanks Henk

  7. Thanks for your detailed review!
    I just bought the NiSi v5 Pro Filter holder and realized, that most of the ND Filters have some rubber gasket glued on their filters to prevent light leakage. However, this reduces the usable diameter from 100mm to about 80mm. Would this be an issue with the 14-30's 82mm Filter Thread? What ND Filters do you use?
    Thanks! 🙂

  8. Would be interested how the lenses compare in corner sharpness not only in the center. My 16-35 really falls apart in the corner especially when wide open, 14-24 is definitely better but far from perfect.

  9. Ricci, you know what? Do a comparison on which lens is better at 24 and 28 mm: the 14-30/4, the 24-70/4, or the 24-70/2.8? That’s going to be really helpful, thanks!

  10. Picked mine up the other day. Wish my camera wasn't recalled so I could try the lens out! As for waiting for the 2.8, I'm not sure I've ever shot a wide angle lense at 2.8. I guess there might be a rare case when you need that extra stop, but I imagine the 2.8 will be significantly heavier and larger. Thanks for the review.

  11. I noticed that the Z 14-30mm lens was sharper than the F 14-24mm lens. Do you think any of that was due to the FTZ adapter? Is the 14-24 as sharp when shooting with a D850 compared to the D7 with the adapter? I ask because I'm looking to purchase the D7 to fit the myriad of F lenses I own. If I'm going to lose quality then I may stick with DSLR or jump fence out of Nikon for mirrorless.

  12. Hi, sorry I need to know urgently which filter holder 100mm guarantees no vignetting on the 14-30 nikon s-line. (nisi v5 pro? Nisi v6?) I used the nisi S5 I had on the 14-24 but vignette up to 18mm … So unusable. Thank you for your answer.

  13. What you call "ghosting" is chromatic aberration. Uneven focus of the blue wavelengths in the case of the 16-35. Are you manually focusing these? I've seen several of your comparisons and it seems that some of the sharpness (more often I would call them contrast differences, actually) may partly be due to slight differences in the focus plane. The Z lenses do have excellent contrast. It's also notable that this lens has automatic correction applied to the raw data by Adobe applications. There's a lot of curvature that is straightened out in this lens, as you can see using a different raw conversion that doesn't have the auto correction.

  14. Excellent review as usual Ricci. I have had mine since the launch date and love it. What would you say is the optimum aperture performance on this lens (sweet spot)

  15. I think this guy works for Nikon which explains his lack of objectivity. There are some things to like about the 14-30 and many things to hate. Unfortunately none of the reviewers talk about the latter. The 14-30 requires MASSIVE software correction to have anything resembling respectable vignetting and distortion. We are talking more than 3 stops of light falloff in the corners at 14mm that no amount of stopping down can resolve. You have not seen anything like this in any $1000+ lens from Nikon or the first tier lens makers. The only things that come close are the Rokinon and Irix, and they cost 1/5 to 1/3 of the 14-30. Ultimately the 14-30 is an expensive lens intended for routine use by those that prize size the most. There is a market for this, but Nikon's obfuscations and the parroting of said obfuscations by the early reviewers are of Trumpian proportions.

  16. These reviews seem to favor the z glass with kind of an unfair comparison! Try comparing the sharpness with the z lens on a z7 and the afs lens on a d850. I bet the results would be different.

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