New iPad Mini 5 Hands-On Review – iPad Air horsepower in a tiny package

Apple’s new iPad Mini has beastly performance, fluid iOS 12 software, and good battery life. It also looks like it came straight out of 2015, because the design hasn’t been changed. The market for small tablets has shrunk, so this is the best you can get if you’re eyeing a small tablet.
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24 thoughts on “New iPad Mini 5 Hands-On Review – iPad Air horsepower in a tiny package

  1. A ghastly review that misses the Number 1 point about the iPad Mini (all of 'em and not just this latest version). It is the only whip-it-out, instant-on, work-anywhere/anytime device for writers…. scribes such as novelists, translators, bloggers, scholars, lawyers, etc. etc. The reviewer goes so far as to deny the iPad Mini's usability for work… when editing on it WITHOUT AN EXTERNAL KEYBOARD is now, thanks to the best writing software, oftentimes snappier than what’s normal on a laptop or desktop.
    You see, the killer of productivity on an 8" handheld was not the virtual keyboard – thumbing can be quite fast and efficient – no the "deterrent" was the screen-painting, the moving of the Mini-handles. A terrible design failure … so awkward and clunky as to have engendered a whole new gadget industry: external keyboards. A real cop out for a supposedly mobile device because along with attaching an external keyboard you're practically forced to attach a chair and a table.
    So at long last some good writing software came out and did away with much of the need for moving the "mini-handles"… They finally broke the "Microsoft Whammy"…
    God and the devil are in the details. It was Microsoft that imposed the need of text selection for all editing operations. We highlight to format, we highlight to cut&paste, to copy&paste and to delete. That was fine and dandy on computers, but real hell for a handheld form factor.
    So now the new software uses Markdown for the formatting… and most importantly Connective Editing for the deletion. That leaves only cut/copy&paste requiring selection (eminently tolerable).
    Connective editing makes all deletion operations on an iPad Mini actually SNAPPIER than what Bill Gates himself could do seated at a desk and running (default) Word.
    1 tap to zap a word – also consecutively (semi-automatic style)
    1 tap to zap a paragraph – also consecutively
    1 tap to delete from anywhere in a paragraph to the end of the self-same
    1 tap to delete to the first period
    1 tap to delete to the first comma
    1 tap to delete to the first question mark
    2 taps to delete to the first instance of any other whatsoever punctuation mark and symbol
    "X" amount of taps – BUT BLAZINGLY fast in the normal ambit of editing to cancel to any word.
    So in conclusion the iPad Mini is the only handheld device that's GRRRRREAT for productivity (writing/editing). The other iPads are marvelous but scream from keyboards (they're not handhelds). The big iPhones are okay only if you have girlie fingers. And the 8" Android tablets have crappy writing software.

  2. The mini is a beautiful and powerful tablet. I love having the bezels to grip while gaming. Love Apple Pencil ✏️ support too!

  3. If you insist on portrait mode you will complain about bezels and home button but I use iPads in landscape and I want a home button and bezels that mean I don’t have to put thumbs on the screen. It’s NOT TOO SMALL !!

  4. YOU FUCKING MORON THE FIRST GEN PENCIL HAS A FUCKING ADAPTER TO PLUG IT INTO THE LIGHTNING CABLE!!! I'm sick of you STUPID IRRESPONSIBLE tech reviewers spreading lies NOT ONE of you morons mention the other way to charge the pencil.

  5. Let’s face it. They had a bazillion Mini 1/2/3/4 chassis in a warehouse and decided to just update the innards and sell it as a ‘new device’.

  6. There’s something really bad about YouTube and battery life. It sucks the living out of them. I wouldn’t blame the mini for that, I’d blame the YouTube app.

  7. I love the iPad mini! And I am happy they kept the look but improved the internals. It will be the perfect replacement for my (stolen) iPad mini 2. I lost mine 2 years ago in a car break in in SF 🙁

  8. love how people say the design is dated lol. Hate to tell you the ipad mini is a rectangle and the ipad pro is wait also a rectangle. so much for dated designs lol. I use the cord to charge the pencil like every other NORMAL human.

  9. I just got my mini 5. I noticed that compared with iPad Mini 4, the speakers on mini 5 is very bland. I found mini 4 has very good speakers, vibrant, especially the bass. However, Ipad mini 5 speakers has non bass at all…. could you test that and let me know?

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