44 thoughts on “New iPad Mini (2019): Unboxing and First Impressions with Smart Cover

  1. How about the battery life for the cellular type? If you pretty much rely on wireless carrier (T-Mobile) instead of WiFi..

  2. I own a Surface Go so I think I’d be okay with the bezels 😁. They may not even refresh this until 2021 now so may not be worth holding out for the next model which will probably switch to the newer design (and bump the price I would bet)

  3. I currently have the iPad mini 2 and I’m seriously considering this but wondering if they will update it next year to the form factor of the pro so the bezels are smaller and you can use the apple pen 2

  4. I think you have to flip the cover in another way when using it as a stand mode. (Not the hairy side faces outside but really the cover, slippy side outsid.

  5. I got rid of my iPad mini 4 to get this one. Yes like everything apple sells it's at least market inflated by 150 percent but I'm guilty as well so they will continue their quest for power greed money and dictation of their own US profit margins and will in 5 years crumble as all empires do as history is much like the laws of average as they are there unseen as history is created to learn but never learned to not make the same mistake thus continually rewriting the same thing over and over. However I do like it as once not too long ago very pro apple I also picked up the XR and pencil first gen. Apple the company today they have become did at the very least that really is why I rarely respect them anymore pulled the 128g option because they know very well that 64gs for majority isn't enough storage and then they use their force sell tactics to leave whom they say openly is in their best interest the customer to purchase the only other option which is far and laughable and away storage overkill at 256. Then apple knowing they dont have to but all to well at the very least should have, put the second gen touch ID on this iPad mini 5 as literally nothing externally is different than the iPad mini 4. Great ipad. Most powerful and smallest tablet in the world best specs but 8 year old hardware. Poor apple. Poor.

  6. Hi Jordan, nice review. But I think that all reviewers – even your fine self – have missed a key point about the iPad Mini. Stand alone – as is – meaning no external keyboard – it's a mindblowing productivity powerhouse. Indeed it is the only whip-it-out, instant-on, work-anywhere / anytime device for the "scribes" – novelists, bloggers, scholars, translators, lawyers, etc. etc. (folks that write more, a helluva lot more than Tweets and Whatsapps).
    I am a translator of screenplays and I do 3/4 of my editing intensive work on an iPad 4 (the mini 5 is only a matter of days).
    What's the secret? Why am I so productive whereas most would shake their head and say: "No way, sorry, I'm not into Chinese torture!" or – as you have inferred in your review: "content retrieval – content retrieval – content retrieval and… oh yes also nifty for answering emails"…?!
    It's because already years ago I had thought the handheld flatscreen problem through, whereas just about everybody else had already begun to consider writing/editing a sort of settled science.
    Well yes, everybody basically uses the Microsoft system of editing. What's the problem with the world's most popular writing program? Or what's the problem with LibreOffice? What's the problem with them all?

    It's absurdly simple!
    Back in the day MS Word attached all the editing operations to HIGHLIGHTING (selection).
    We highlight to copy&paste, we highight to cut & paste, and to format and even to delete.
    What's real easy on a proper computer with a mouse, function keys and shift-direction-arrows?
    And what's such a major pain in the butt as to constitute a deterrent to productive editing/writing on the 8" handhelds?
    Highlighting. On the flatscreens it means keen eye commanding pudgy finger to move mini-handles that often fly off out of control or move beyond the desired spot, or are hard to reach.
    Sudden doubt: is highlighting really so vital?
    Answer: NO!
    For formatting there's markdown… and now for deletion there is… CONNECTIVE EDITING.
    Connective Editing can be found on two iOS apps. TextKraft Pro and Notebooks. I gave it to them as a feature request. TextKraft Pro came out with a partial but nonetheless valid implementation and Notebooks ran with a full implementation, and beyond.
    So Jordan… you're on a plane and you're editing a report. Or – God Forbid, you're bedridden with the flu – or why not? You're on a bicycle tour of France and traveling real light- or you're sitting in your car waiting for your significant other to come out of the supermarket…
    Now WITHOUT HIGHLIGHTING you can zap paragraphs at a single touch (even consecutively, like a semi-automatic)
    Now WITHOUT HIGHLIGHTING you can zap words at a single touch (even consecutively, like a semi-automatic)
    Now WITHOUT HIGHLIGHTING you can delete from anywhere inside a paragraph to the end of the selfsame at a single touch
    Now WITHOUT HIGHLIGHTING you can zap to the first period, comma, question mark at a single touch (even consecutively, like a semi-automatic. Yes you can zap period sentences consecutively at a single touch)
    Now WITHOUT HIGHLIGHTING you can zap to the first instance of any other punctuation mark or symbol in only two touches
    And now WITHOUT HIGHLIGHTING you can zap to any word in your text at "X" amount of touches… but really fast and painless… (way better than iA Writer)
    The editing operations I've described are snappier than what Bill Gates himself could do seated at his desktop running default WORD.
    Suddenly that really cool "content retriever" that is also okay for writing an email or two between looking at movies and zapping aliens… becomes a productivity powerhouse! Suddenly the scribes are UNCHAINED from chairs and tables.
    All the other iPads are wonderful, but by dint of their dimensions they scream from an external keyboard and that means chair and table.
    Now Android makes some real purdy 8" tablets… but there the problem is the subpar writing/Editing software. So that leaves only the iPad Mini.
    Thank you for reading this and if you want a demonstration of editing power, just provide me an email address and I'll we transfer you a screen-film capture.

  7. Did a new cover fix the issue? I like the material of the apple cover.. but its not worth it if it doesnt work correctly

  8. Hi Jordan. Great video! I don't know if you had the Smart Cover fixed by Apple, but can you tell me whether or not the smart cover snaps into place when folded to the back? Like the iPad Pro 10.5" did. Hope you know what I mean; not folded into the triangle, but completely around to the back.

  9. Apple Smart covers are crap .. I scratched a brand new iPad the same way u dropped yours .. there are really high quality full case versions on Amazon for a lot cheaper

  10. Apple relocated the mic and adjusted the location of the buttons just enough that none of the iPad Mini cases designed for the 4 will fit the new one other than the Smart Cover. You definitely got a defective one. Mine is every bit as secure as the ones on the Pros

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