NEW 2019 $329 Entry-Level Apple 10.2″ iPad (7th Generation) / Unboxing & Review

With not much changing over the previous 6th Gen 9.7″ iPad, Apple made their entry level $329 iPad even more appealing especially now that iPadOS is out and makes for a very powerful PC replacement. But with such minimal upgrades over the previous generation, is it worth upgrading? If not upgrading from the 6th gen iPad, or if this is your first ever iPad, you will NOT be disappointed. This is one of apple’s best value products! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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24 thoughts on “NEW 2019 $329 Entry-Level Apple 10.2″ iPad (7th Generation) / Unboxing & Review

  1. worth upgrading ? …… no
    However the reviewer is correct for brand new users… like me. I was a die hard Android tablet user and really like my new Ipad 10.2"
    Think back to the very first Ipad sold at $499 in 2010.
    That's $680 today. now you can see what great value this new ipad is. lots of reviewers miss this point.

  2. I like the entry price of this iPad and the features it has. But why the first generation Apple Pencil? Great review. 👍🏽

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