MugJam Review – Create 3D Talking Avatars of Yourself or Anyone Else For Your Videos

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What is MugJam?

Mugjam is a revolutionary technology that lets you cast yourself as a professional spokesperson without being on camera. It’s a powerful cloud based video creator infused with AI that creates hyper-realistic 3D talking mugjams that look exactly like you from a single photo.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Select A Done For You Template Or Upload Your Own Video

Step 2 – Create Your MugJam by Uploading Any Photo

Step 3 – Customize your selected template and export

How can MugJam benefit me?

Having humans in your videos can instantly connect with the viewers and instills a sense of trust.

Perfect for people who don’t want to be on camera (camera shy) or don’t speak English well (second language)

Hiring a spokesperson is expensive and time consuming.

Even if you record videos yourself there are a lot of outtakes and its very time consuming editing everything together.

You can either upload a photo of yourself OR use one of the avatars that is included in the software which gives you flexibility.

Great overlay feature so you can add it to existing videos (if you want) or start from scratch with one of their templates

It has auto lip-syncing so you can upload your own audio or use the provided audio

Commercial rights are automatically included in the front end, so you can sell videos that you create as a service and keep 100% of the profits

When is this launching?

Launches on Monday, November 11th @ 11 a.m.


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