28 thoughts on “MSI GT76 Titan RTX 2080 i9-9900K Unboxing

  1. The i9 is really good, yes, but even a new i5 core is 9600k almost comparable to an i7 that the Alienware 51m has but just think about it this way, i9-9900k

    New i5-9600k, that very or nearly the same as an i9 and i7, so an i9 is very overkill and just expensive

  2. Hello sir, I bought this msi gt76 with 144hz fhd it has backlight bleeding in the edges and corners, and its bother me when i watch movies or playing dark games, can you do backlight bleed test in full black screen to the gt76 I just want to know if all models of gt76 have this problem or just me, thanks.

  3. These machines are just a rip off. They are too heavy for a laptop and expensive as shit. Non upgradeable. I still use like a 2 gen old MSI that was advertised as upgradeable and it wasn’t. MSI IS JAPANESE and these guys are not consumer friendly, just happy to sell you an expensive machine. We feed Godzilla with $$$$ and in return they treat you like shit. They also had advertised that they would do recall and never made good on it.

  4. Overpriced garbage. No G-Sync and instead Optimus only like cheap budged gaming laptops, overheating CPU, BGA GPU and 2x 230W adapter instead of 1x 500W…if you are not a spoiled rich kid who wants everything to be RGB, what is the point in buying this? ASUS G703GXR and Alienware 51m have the same performance and price and both have 144 hz G-Sync screen and the Clevo P775TM also has the same performance but is much cheaper. This MSI laptop is 1 step forward but 5 steps back.

  5. Was waiting for this system to hit the market, but had no more patience. Built a custom 2950X in an x399m taichi mobo. Couldn't be happier! Thanks for this unboxing.

  6. I like the way MSI makes there GT series laptops look exotic. Huh, "Exotic"…. "Xotic". Ohh cool

    Was this too early, ok.

  7. I wonder how much of a "special boy" you'd have to be to buy this piece of shit lol!
    Very nice unboxing video though for sure, thanks!

  8. Literally no one:

    MSI: Look at this cool laptop that outperforms most full-size desktop gaming rigs but also costs so much that only 2% of the population can afford it!

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