MSI GT76 Titan Desktop i9 9900K Laptop Review & Benchmarks

MSI has just released the new Titan, king of laptops and serious contender with even most high end gaming desktops.

Product Page:

This is truly a desktop replacement as we are looking at a laptop that is equipped with desktop parts and specs.

At a glance you have a Intel Core i9 9900K CPU with overclocking built into the laptop to further enhance the cpu processing power.
Then next is the Nvidia RTX 2080

To round it all out you have 64GB of RAM, which is insane, with the capability to add 64GB more. A 144Hz 3ms screen to make even the most demanding gamers happy, mechanical storage for mass storage needs a several fast SSD’s to handle all your I want this now application and software needs.

The GT76 Titan is not the laptop to carry around campus all day to chat on facebook, it’s a portable desktop for demanding gamers and production professionals. This laptop would be great for anybody that needs to do AutoCAD or Video Editing and often find themselves away from home.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need service.

Phone: 1.800.990.7945


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