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It’s about time I purchased a delta 3D printer, so at the request of a patron I grabbed the Monoprice Mini Delta for this review.
It has a small build volume but prints extremely well with PLA and TPU. The entire experience is very straight forward and beginner friendly if you stick to these materials. PETG and ABS are not so great.
To make life easy, this printer is pre-assembled, has pre-configured slicing software and auto bed levelling. The only thing that’s not user friendly is separating the prints from the bed.
I’ve ordered the glass shown at the end of the video and will investigate a beefier power supply to get ABS printing too.
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Flex bracelet:
Moon lithopane lamp:
R2D2 hidden egg:
Low poly fox:
Flock applicator:
Customizable Simple Vase:
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47 thoughts on “Monoprice Mini Delta review –

  1. Never used a 3D printer, I am a noob.
    I have a business where I source products from other countries. In my business model I push the fact that I source locally handmade products from locals from around the world. I want to include a plastic tag with the coordinates of where products come from so people along with a tag with a description of the city or town it is located. Would a 3D printer like this be able to print a simple tag 3/4” x 2” x 1/4” how long would it take to print an object like that? Is there a printer that would allow 2 colors? So the base in white and the coordinates in another color?

  2. thanks for the video. I've been looking at a lot of 3d printers because I fly FPV drones and I need to make my own parts. I also need for my parts to be flexible so the fact that this printer handles TPU pretty well is a definite plus.

  3. I just unboxxed and ran my first print with this model and I’m very happy with it. This, along with your upgrade video, helped me select the right model for my short term printing goals. You’re awesome!

  4. would you say that the bugs reported about the initial set up have been resolved regarding the Gcodes? i've seen vid reviews that mention there was software tinkering that was needed for it to behave properly. did you need to do any of this? or straight plug and play?

  5. I'm having trouble with mine. the PLA doesn't want to stick to the build plate and the resulting print is a garbled mess of random strings.

  6. I have several printers including Frankenstein Mendel that I build back in 2012 and I'm yet to own a delta I just never been a fan of the foot print, too big for very little build volume but I'm considering tossing 100 bucks for one of these on eBay

  7. Looking at getting one of these but people are reporting issues after printing the test print, what this needs is someone to setup cura reliably….mmm…..who’d be good at that…..hmmmm

  8. Hey, I loved this review
    I am thinking of getting one of these machines for a secondary printer, I found one online that needs a bit of attention it is new but faulty, if anyone could check out my post on thingiverse or reddit about it or tell me the issues you've had with yours it'd be greatly appriciated.

    What I seem to be getting is that you either love them or you hate them, channels like this praise the machine but others tell me its a waste of time and money, at the momment I am stuck between a rock and a hard place

    Link to detailed problem:

    If someone can help me quickly that'd be great because I only have a few days to act on this printer,
    Thanks and happy printing!!!

  9. 100mm/s for a flexible on a bowden 0_0 what I haven't bothered going above 15mm/s on my anycubic yet 😀 tho mine is quiet weird and can't handle more than 45 for anything because the frame shakes so much. tho I did make the brass nuts better so that could be why hmmm

  10. At the price point, its great.
    Sadly, its closed hardware and firmware, which is a shame, as the community could have made something like that into a real winner.

  11. Hello I looking at getting a 3d printer and was looking at the Ender 3 and this printer what one should I go for any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

  12. I never owned a 3D printer i bought a Mini Delta to try as my first one. I never was about to use it. The only thing i was about to
    print was the Cat that was on the SD card . I bought a Ender 3 pro. Right off i can use it with out any trouble at all. Everything
    I tried to print out came out great. I haven't even plugged in the Mini Delta in no more just sets. As a first time user printer
    the Ender 3 D Pro is number one to me.

  13. Nice review and good that you also have shown the high noise level. I think there is a market space for a small and very quit printer which is not really covered by many products and also not by this one. This would be useful for putting it on same desk people having their computer. If you have to put it in another room because of noise the size does not matter that much anymore and other features are coming more important.

  14. Wow… you were lucky to get an "accurate" version out of the box. BUT did you test the actual measurements? They usually print about 1.5% on the small size.

  15. got mine on Monoprice for $129 US, came with a bad power brick which took another 4-5 days to get before i could print. I originally had a problem with PLA staying stuck to the bed but adding a brim to the print eliminated that issue. The bed leveling isn't good. Mine is low in the back and high in the front right. The low is enough where it almost prints in air and will not stick to the bed and the high will actually trigger the bed switches when printing the first few layers but it would still print. I put a glass build plate on it but it seemed like it was heavy enough to activate the bed switches during the leveling process which would stay activated and cause the tool head to back off to the top of the machine where it would just bump away until i unplugged it. Glass build plate is not an option in my case.

    I have been able to work around the bed leveling issue a bit by minding where i place the print on the platform and i have gotten some really great prints from it. The only other issue is the axis rotation is off, the print faces "forward' in cura but will print facing to the left on the printer. Not a big deal but it does irritate me a bit for some reason. I am using the cura profiles downloaded from the mini delta wiki. (

    accuracy seems to be very good. I printed a mini crossbow and a large articulated Stormtrooper for my son with some parts in black on my ender3 (.1mm) and others in white on the mini delta (.14mm) and the dimensions appeared very close. The parts fit together as expected without any modification needed. However, I haven't tried anything that requires a high level of precision.

    It is pretty noisy. There was someone selling the OEM boards updated with 2208 drivers for around $50 but doesn't appear he is offering them any more.

    Overall it is a great little printer for the price. The .14mm resolution is as good or better than my ender 3 at .1mm in much less print time. It beat the Ender on a Benchy print with similar settings by over an hour.

  16. This looks to be the pretty much best printer for people that don't want to learn much/tinker much with a printer. Such amazing quality for only 200$ and its fast too

  17. Hey, is it possible if you can make a video showing all the mods you did onto your ender 3? I'm getting mine soon and it would be nice to have a guide on mods and firmware upgrades.

  18. My first 3d printer was a Monoprice Mini, and I found many of the same characteristics that you point out for this one. It was built well, took almost no time to set up, and still prints PLA really well. I did manage to get the WiFi set up and working, but found it to be really slow. It took almost a half hour to transfer an 11.5 MB gcode file over WiFi, when this would've taken less than a minute to do by saving to the micro SD card. I've tried connecting OctoPrint to it, but haven't been able to establish communication: a problem that others report, although there is supposed to be a fix available for it.

  19. wow, my experience was very dissimilar to yours (though my unit was from monoprice PR and had been used at trade shows)

    -Bed Levelling almost always gets it too low for me.
    -Part cooling is laughably bad.
    -anything higher than 80mm/s and the print quality drastically goes downhill.
    -so dimensionally inaccurate that i can print the same gcode twice and get different results.

    seriously, i had to stop even trying to print my hypercube [arts on this after spending 2 hours scaling a part for the X motor mounts as the part was far too small.

    It prints gorgeously, but it most certainly isnt accurate for me. and whilst 110mm diameter is fine, 120mm height is a bit small IMO 150mm would have been better.

    also, this thing is loud.

  20. Great review Michael. Looks like a very nice little printer, good for a beginner especially if they are limited on space, also great to see they have thermal runnaway enabled

  21. Thanks for the review. I had a lot more problems with this printer. For example the accuracy (x &y 2,5% too low) and the bed leveling with the hot nozzle and wrong bed leveling C offset in the provided cura profile that slowly ruined the buildtak surface. You can get this quiet with stepper dampers, tl smooters and a quiet fan but it is a hassle to do. And buying another power supply unit doesn't solve the problem with the weak bed heating. It seems to be set to this underpowered mode in the firmware that is closed source afaik. So no solution to that issue I guess. But when you can live with the downsides and it is tuned in it prints really well apart from the insufficient cooling. I gave it a 0.2 mm Nozzle and it prints my small and delicate parts like a champ. And oh it is fast! Have a great day! Cheers!

  22. I wish they would use a diffrent hotend, they used the same one on the mono price mini and on the fabrikator mini 2. The heat creep gets really annoying after a while…

  23. Given the small print bed seems like one of its best uses would be for tabletop minis. I am curious how it performs at layer heights in the area of 0.08 with fairly detailed small models.

  24. I have one of these and either you have a great one or mine is a bad one because mine is a pos. Loud as a hurricane when it prints and the auto level rarely ever works. Stopped using it completely the day I got my ender 3.

  25. Check out the Facebook group. I've added the borosilicate glass plate with a thermal pad underneath and PEI on top. Then I did all the calibration steps outlined there including the heat mapping spread sheet. I have mine printing great. In fact, I wanted to make a filament guide for my CR-10S Pro but the parts turned out terrible on that machine (although I've printed other things well with that machine). So today I reprinted all the parts on my Mini Delta and they printed way better in substantially less time. Also, you can upgrade the firmware to Marlin4MPMD and have the ability to add a 12V 10A power supply. That'll be the next upgrade for me.

  26. Thanks, yea that noise is for sure a deal breaker for me. Otherwise I would already have ordered at least one. I wonder if there is the potential to upgrade this with quieter stepper motors?

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