27 thoughts on “MODO 13 – NEW FEATURES – REVIEW & REACTION

  1. I’m a modo user since version 203, I absolutely love it but I feel I’m falling behind with all the new features. They are awesome and I wish I could spend more time learning all of them.

  2. How can you say the UV tools are way better, if you don't even use modo for UVs..?? =_= If I had to use modo for one thing, it would be UVs or modeling.

  3. Something fun to do is look at the typical software and the subscription fee to even get anywhere these days you will be paying about 3 or 4k a year.
    Thankfully we are getting or have alternatives, Blender, Affinity for photoshop, Materialize for B2M just waiting for Substance painter alternative.
    If you are a poor person working 3D it has reached hellish levels money wise thanks to this subscription plan that is meant to help the little guy. Translation rake in as much money as possible with as little effort as possible and screwy the little guys. Subscriptions make it a thousand times harder for the little guys. Want to help the little guys have a low-income method of buying stuff or discount. Though that would require personal info. The sad thing is if you do pay for this and think it will help nope it is actually worse than the freebies sometimes.

  4. In summarization.

    Modo added a few tweaks, some updates, and brought some things up to 5 years ago standards. It is pulling an Apple. I watch these to sell myself on a new version and every time I am disappointed. Again Modo is heading the Maya route after the subscription crap and it makes sense why try when you can just sit and wait for the money to flood in. Maya has reached critical failure, Modo is teetering on the edge especially with its buggy nature. Coin toss will it crash this time or is it updating and will only remain frozen for 30 minutes.

    Blender truly is the tortoise in this race.

  5. Just thought about it. Does Modo have parallax occlusion mapping? It could be really handy if it did. Then again a better material editor would be handy.

  6. C4D is up rising like cancer spreading and infecting other 3D app users. There is no other 3D industrial app like C4D – Simplicity and Fast. Houdini and Maya be on the look out! Once Maxon acquires X-Particles, everything changes. Of course other 3D apps are great too and I wish all the luck for all of them.

  7. the thing I absolutely love about modo is it's trying to be all for all. Animation, modeling, rendering, procedural modeling. vfx still has some work to be done but this software is perfect and backed by professionals taking it into a direction that has a goal. I can't support Autodesk because of their subscriptions and as much as I love blender it doesn't really have a specific direction or goal and sometimes takes years to fully integrate new features with less bugs. ( sorry to the fanboys of blender but it's a valid criticism coming from someone who is also a fan of free and fast). MODO will continue to grow with the support of the community. yes it has it's issues but all software does. and doesn't always do everything. I bought modo indie back in 2015 as an Xmas gift to myself. I loved it so much I wanted to buy the pro version so I did. sadly I bought the professional version 2 days before the next released and wasn't too happy about that but I contacted sales and they were kind enough to get it taken care of. this software has the UI structure of blender, the advanced modeling tools of max and the awesome animation tools of maya. The community is also involved in making custom scripts, macros, plugins, and kits to make it more complete. I use it every day and it makes my life easier. thanks for covering this software!

  8. How sad It is to see all these comments about Modo looking like Blender, what type of sick mirror world have I walked into?

  9. I just want to know something about the particle system of modo, is it better than maya ,I hate maya and will never use it again.Thank you bro.

  10. First time so saw Modo was almost 2 years ago, as of this time of writing. I found it looks very similar to blender. It's a great software, and also has sculpting in it. I'm not a modo user, but so like it because it's not from Autodesk

  11. Modo is great. I have a history of using 3D studio max for 15 years and changed to modo for various reasons and haven't looked back. I use it all the time for character animation with the great plugin Character Box (similar to CAT in Max) and the modelling process is awesome, whether it is polygon modelling or meshOp procedural modelling.

  12. Modo is a best tool for destructive and presize modeling (with buggy outdated bevel tool) and not so best in procedural modeling with a lot of crashes. Fast UVs but not as good as Maya or Ryzom in this part. Fast preview and predictable rendering. Animation and rigging is not so good at all. Modo is for modeling stuff not worlds like 3DSMax with a tons of plugins.

  13. Subscribed to Modo for a year. It was crashing so much I couldn't do any work in it. In the end I was paying for something I didn't even use because Foundry doesn't let you cancel a subscription and if you stop paying they come after you with lawyers. I am not paying for any of their products ever again. If you are considering getting into Modo, don't, That's my advice.

  14. The big problem with Modo is the lack of good tutorials. Modeling is the one thin, but all this other stuff like the procedual modeling and shader creation and so on, There is only a few tuts out there. This makes the impression that Modo is not widely used. Is that so? I don´t know. I have never used Modo intensive, but this Nodestuff looks interesting.

  15. modo is mainly a modeling package but has since been updated more and more to compete with other entities out their with their animation tools and rendering features. be wary as most of these tools started back in 10.0 and while they are getting more streamline with each release they are still more basic compared to other tools out there. the thing i find refreshing about the foundry is their options to pay for modo whether it be perpetual, subscription or maintenance they offer you the choice which plan is best. and that too me is more noble. Their tools are only going to get better so keeping an eye out on them is definitely recommended.

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