Metal Musician Reacts: Who is BTS?: The 7 Members of Bangtan

Aight aight… I’m sold.

… what’s jhope’s insta? for a friend.

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41 thoughts on “Metal Musician Reacts: Who is BTS?: The 7 Members of Bangtan

  1. Can i recommend watching "from nobodies to legends", its one of the best ones to watch too see the fans connection with BTS.

  2. love this reaction. We're a two piece prog deathcore band that sound like Step-Brothers and write songs about semen wizards.

  3. At the beginning, the song is not “Fire”, but they have a song “Fire”, which you should watch, cause the video is awesome and the song is really fun ;).

  4. watch From nobodies to legends Part2 by you tuber xceleste. It's a documentary about their journey. You will know them more.

  5. BTS member solo song requests
    Jimin – Lie also live performance
    Jimin – Serendipity also live peformance
    Jungkook – Euphoria
    Jungkook – Begin
    V – Singularity
    RM – Joke
    RM – Do You
    J-Hope – Airplane
    Suga – Agust D
    Suga – The Last
    Jin – Epiphany

  6. I love your reaction! Please also react to "BTS hardships and struggles", "BTS from Nobodies to Legends part 1 and 2", and "BTS is overrated, um then what's this". These are few of the videos that will help you to know more about their humble beginnings. Thank you so much for your reaction! 💜

  7. thanks for react to bts hear the colaboration with fall out boys and sorry my bad english.

  8. Dancer here. Contemporary dance is branched off of ballet. Ballet is extremely hard because of its unnatural positions. Contemporary has similar elements to ballet but it can be just as hard. Most contemporary dancers can't dance hip hop because it's so out there element. There are dancer that can do both like jimin for example but you can still see the contemporary background in his hip hop, it's more flowy. Hip hop dancer tend not to break from their hard hitting moves and can be stiff similar to ballet dancers when it comes to contemporary dances. I'm a contemporary/modern dancer and it's very hard for me to do hard hitting movement but I'm still trying. Dance is all about get out of your comfort zone. BTS are a fine example of people who can do both styles beautifully and not be noticed for stiffness or floweyness unless it's by a trained eye. And even then it can be hard to notice unless analyzed.

  9. i know you mean well when you're speaking but maybe in the future, pause the video when you have something to say bc you missed a few things while talking 😭

  10. They write the songs, sometimes they'll take in somebody elses, but even then they'll change it to make it their own. The ones who write the most songs are Yoongi (Suga) and Namjoon (RM.)

    Edit : Also just thought say, believe me when I say you can pause as many times as you need to for BTS, to ARMY talking over and missing things is more annoying than constantly pausing to speak (so long as you go back a bit when replaying that is.)

    Edit 2 : While it is amazing how much they planned the storyline, in relation to themselves it was less planned, they had no way of knowing how big they'd become because they're a real underdog of the kpop industry. I would explain more but I don't want to ruin thing for the videos I'm about to suggest, if you want to know their trails and tribulations I would recommend watching and then (which recaps but is slightly updated with more) the first video will truly let you understand their struggle though… They honestly deserve all this success so much.

    Pause the 3rd : Linkin Park 🙁 makes me sad to hear them still after Chester… 🙁

  11. 22:24 You say you'd kill them…if you rewatch it, you'll see that SUGA knees Jimin in the nads and what you DON'T see in this one is that after the whole 'he's behind the door' thing, Hobi doms Jimin into getting V…it is literally one of the HOTTEST things Hobi does. There's a whole vid out there on Hobi being dom…I highly recommend it…😏

    Hun, get in line if you wanna make out with our Sunshine. We ALL wanna make out with him…🤤😂

  12. This will give you feels 😅
    BTS from 2013-2017 😭💜
    BTS 2018 🌈💜

    Also listen to Ddaeng 👍
    And then watch this:

  13. I wish you'd pause when you want to say something. I know it's a long video and you're not invested to pay close attention but it's frustrating for us that you missed stuff.
    And you don't know Linkin Park?

  14. if you could pay a little more attention… just a little, that'd be great lol. i don't mean this in a mean way, it's just a bit frustrating seeing as you do seem interested in them but are unfortunately missing a lot. you seem like a cool dude tho, i'm gonna be looking out for what you put out in the future! best of luck!

  15. The writers are all 3 rappers lol but mostly Namjoon as he writes most of the lyrics. But all the rappers write their own verses.

  16. Suga, JK, RM, and Jin are all introverts (Jin is an INTP while the others are INFPs) ^_^ Jimin, J-Hope, and Tae are the extroverts.

  17. you crushing hard on jhope is too cute and 1000% relatable! That man is too beautiful it's unfair lol And that edit of his face on Tae's (V's) body was the best ever LOL loved this video! So glad you're enjoying learning more about them, they truly shine <3

  18. In Korea you are born at 1 year old, then when they celebrate the New Year, which is in February for them, you age another year. So, for example, a baby born in January is 1 year old, then in February they will turn 2. In Korea, depending on when you're born, you are 1-2 years older than you would be in almost any other country. You should check out their dance practices. You get to listen to the music but also see the complexity of their dances. They also post some practices where they are golfing around so you get to see their personalities more.

  19. yea the connection is definitely there. they're just… very inspirational but in such a human way. their openness about their struggles and complexity and negative thoughts helps SO MUCH. but most importantly, they pour their hearts into their music and I can hear that. when I listen to their music it feels like they're talking directly to me and that's the real connection through art.

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