MAXpider 3D Floor Mats Review | Tesla Model 3 Accessories

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MAXpider 3D Floor Mats Review | Tesla Model 3 Accessories

I have often heard that 3D MAXpider Floor mats are regarded as the best choice for Tesla Model 3 floor mats. I originally purchased the Weather Tech mats from Tesla (we will call them version 1 since they have no lip). However after checking out the MAXpider 3D Floor Mats, I can say they are a much better choice.

For all weather floor mat, having a side lip for extra protection is important. I also like the fact the the second row (back seat) is a single piece rather then a two piece. The bottom being all Velcro makes them stick down. I really tried to move them and couldn’t. I think the longevity will be awesome with these mats.

Maybe I am being super picky but it seems slightly off in one single spot. However it is by no means a deal breaker. I will continue to test mats from different companies going forward. Which brand do you have and love?

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11 Responses

  1. mortchad says:

    Those do look very nice. I like those better then the Tesla brand ones that we bought. That drivers side is awesome. Btw – I’ve looked twice, couldn’t find any money!

  2. Tesla Canuck says:

    I'm going to look under my liner now for cash like you found. 😀 Thanks for doing this review.

  3. Joe Sanek says:

    Most likely are, when I got my 3 they had a 4 month wait, couldn’t justify waiting that long, needed rubber mats sooner.

  4. Tesla Milton 🇨🇦 says:

    Great mats! They were the first thing I bought after ordering my Model 3. Great in snow!

  5. Alain Parent says:

    those are the best mats for the model 3. My opinion. Plus, you get them at Costco. Have a loonie lol

  6. blackeducator says:

    I have theses and over time, the front mats warp away from the walls creating gaps on the left and right sides. Other than that, they are great and easy to clean.

  7. MrJldonayre says:

    Hi Mother Frunker, where did you buy it?

  8. Tesla sam jj 美國特妹珊潔拉 says:

    Look good. Do they have mat for trunk?

  9. Tony Pham says:

    Best mats for the Model 3, IMHO, nice review, thanks!

  10. Tesla Social says:

    I love those mats, they can hold a gallon of water! which that is good for your winters of there and all the snow you might be tracking into your car.

  11. Dirty Tesla says:

    Fake money in your back seat lol

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