Maressey – I Want the One I Can't Have (The Rule 34 Song)

The mix of fandom and pornography is unavoidable. Rule 34 is the reality as many brony men are led by the feminine sirens into the catalog of clop readily available to saturate their fantasies. These are the riches of the pervs and ultimately a fantasy that is unattainable.

Guitar by our resident guitarist Johnny Mare

Vocals by the amazing Zatslol

Both of them have helped with more Maressey tracks then anyone

(and of course ample credit to our inspiration and the original from The Smiths). I’m Freewave and I helped mix and oragnize this project

Art by the stupendous Shadbase. If you don’t know him you haven’t been on the net.

Part of the Brony Album which came out a short while ago.



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8 thoughts on “Maressey – I Want the One I Can't Have (The Rule 34 Song)

  1. Its like a song from The Smiths about jacking off to tiny colorful horses. What a time to be alive.

    Also, how about some lyrics?

  2. Thanks to Zatslol and Johnny for their continued assitance. I think this covered the topic wonderfully and tastefully.

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