MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA ~ BTS Album Reaction !!

(finally) my reaction to the album map of the soul: persona from BTS!



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27 thoughts on “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA ~ BTS Album Reaction !!

  1. I wanna know what ash says when someone asks her to say her favorite song cuz she has heard and likes EVERYTHING ♥️😂

  2. the way i had to mute the video when mikrokosmos came cuz sis aint listened to that since the concert bc imma break down fULLY

    edit: ok so i unmuted for like a SECOND to hear where i was in the video and i heard one fricking nanosecond of vmin harmonising and i lost it and now im uncontrollably sobbing in my room .

  3. I’ve re-watched this video like 7 times and there is one thing I wanna say…

    …Mikrokosmos did not get the recognition it deserved👏👏

  4. Can You React To Bts Heartbeat,Lights,Dream Glow,A Bramd New Day,All Night And I Feel You Im So Dumb To Understand😂😂😂💖

  5. My ranking (even though nobody cares):
    1. Home, Dionysus
    2. Jamais vu, Mikrokosmos, Persona
    3. Boy With Luv, Make it Right

    The album SLAPS

  6. The next album will be "the map of the soul: shadow" they hinted it in the music vid of bwl 😍 and i think itll be dark as hell 😍

  7. I would like to let everyone know I just realized something because I’m a fricking genius,
    Mikrokosmos means little universe right?
    And Mikro is like Micro(which means small)
    And Kosmos is like Cosmos(a word for our universe)
    I’m shook🙃

  8. im so proud that im greek n they have a song with a greek title, its pronounced microcosmos n u emphasize on the micrOcosmos , just like u would say micro n cosmos .. 🙂

  9. LITERALLY. when i first heard HOME i FELL IN LOVEEEEEEE. also yoongi said he fell in love with that song too when he first heard it, it's his fav song 😩😩😍

  10. Seeing as how it's been days since tour started and they performed BOTH Dionysus and Tear….Ashley shouldn't be alive rn

  11. have you heard the hidden track from love yourself: Her album? if you're not then you should probably react to it. it is so sad that its always make me emotional. the title is sea thank you

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