27 thoughts on “Mail Time – Package from Yahoo Japan!

  1. Invest in a little better Mic. Videos are already dope would help a lot.

    **Nvm you addressed it.. should watch full video then comment.

  2. Just so you know, older japanese boxes were wrapped all the way around in plastic. They also did not have not have glue on the bottom. The fact you were able to press into the box and there was glue on the plastic means they more than likely tampered with the boxes. IE probably had the boxes but decided to throw in loose packs from the same set. Not entirely sure they resealed them that way. Now, if the plastic wrap was loose and all the way around it, then…. That could most likely be from age. I have a B/W 1st edition box that's sort of like that.

    I could be wrong… I'm just going off from memory nearly 20 years ago as a kid opening Japanese boxes in LGS stores here in AZ and Fort Worth.

  3. Yahoo Japan has some cool collectibles, I've got some ga-ole eeveelution's game cartridges from them! Nice vid as always tho!⚡️⚡️⚡️

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