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29 thoughts on “Luxury Cameras, Adventure travel & I review your RITUAL photos


    04:40 Upcoming travels
    05:50 News
    09:00 Cat interlude
    11:45 Leica M-E
    15:40 Ritual Photo competition
    21:36 #ASKMATT

    LONDON workshops with Steph:
    Bhutan Tour:
    Rock n Roll Strap:
    TOGLIFE Beach comp:
    Leica M-E:
    Hasselblad X1dii:
    Hasselblad 907x:

  2. Leica M 10 is the best in all aspects , classy , elegant , great real to life pictures , history , and the joy of shooting , it’s worth the high price I got the 35 msumilux F 1.4 and the 50m also sumulix F1.4 , personally I use the 50m F1.4 90% of the time

  3. Some truth to the Sony comments – their consumer division has actively avoided embracing industry standard in favor of inferior proprietary terch – memory stick over SD, their own digital codec vs MP3. Short sited and momenetarily motivated. Bravia TV's were good in the day, but where are they now? That said Sony has changed much recently as their revenues slumped and they had to reinvent themselves.

  4. Hi Matt, I have a question I hope you can help me with.
    I am new to DSLRs (but not to manual controls). I got a Nikon D5200 second hand with the 18-50mm kit lens, and the picture quality is not what I expected. I tried posting a question online on a discussion forum, but the answers were far from helpful. I also have a Sony HX1 which is a bridge camera and has a far smaller sensor. My issue with the Nikon is:
    – Literally none of the images are sharp. They are all soft or blurry, particularly hand held even with lens Vibration Reduction on, and even for stabilised shots like on a tripod or table top. It does not have mirror lock up mode.
    – Compared to the exact same images taken even outdoors in full sunlight with my Sony bridge camera, image quality is very poor. Colour saturation is also poor.
    – Image size is very small despite being 6000 x 4000 pixels. The photos dimensions and ppi from my cameras are:

    Sony HX1 – 3456 x 2592 pixels or 121.92 x 91.44 cm/48 x 36 inch (largest file setting, called "A3"), 72 PPI, ie each pixel is 1/72^2 of a square inch, and each photo has 48×72 x 36×72 pixels = 8,957,952 pixels. Less pixels but each pixel is larger

    Nikon D5200 – 6000 x 4000 pixels or 50.8 x 33.87 cm/20 x 13.33 inch, (largest file setting, called "Fine Jpeg"), 300 PPI, ie each pixel is 1/300^2 of a square inch, and each photo has 20×300 x 13.33×300 pixels = 84,831,516 pixels. There are more pixels but each pixel is smaller, and I'm guessing, less capable at capturing data, hence the poor image quality?
    Just today, the auto iso showed 6400 in half sunlight and full daylight (not focused on a dark shadow) for a plant outdoors. Final exif data was IOS 720, shutter speed 1/30. F stop 10.

    I do not post process any photos unless absolutely necessary, I do not like post processing, just a matter of preference. If you must know, it is because I feel edited photos are fake, as there is a 'gradient of edits', if you edit 'this' much, you can go just a teeny bit further and edit 'this' much, and before you know it, the entire photo is 'fake'.

    I'm wondering if I am not using the camera properly, or if there might be issues with the camera or lens. I know kit lens don't get a good reputation, but surely they can't be so bad all the images are soft and blurry?
    You can see some sample images here:
    And this which, I was told is actual rain getting inside the lens somehow (the spots disappeared afterwards so I stopped being concerned about it):

    Appreciate any input you might have.

  5. Matt, here are the latest updates on restrictions and information: . Look on this page under “Entry, Exit, Visa Requirements” and it states how you must comply with the new restrictions even though you are an Aussie citizen: . One last link:

  6. Hi Matt, thanks you the feedback.
    The photo had been taken at a flag takeover. At the begin of the service you take over the flag in a ceremony.
    I really would like to show the surrounding mountains, the place is in the middle of Switzerland. But at this day the light was very diffuse and the mountains really didn't look nice. I think also the cameras struggled with the camouflage, at some pictures the light balance was 1'000 K of and also the light metering wasn't very accurate.

  7. About resale.
    With this channel, get two birds with one stone. Sell your used gear to your fans at a fair price. Win win for the fan getting memorabilia, win for you with less hassle.
    Even consider putting those for auction at a fair price and using the profits for any community service project of your liking.

  8. Really glad you enjoyed Cuba Matt. My wife and I visited a couple of years ago and had an awesome time. Great food, friendly people and heaps of photo ops. Cheers Z

  9. I heard that they were reverting back to the ban for cuba travel from the states, or did you take a detour through Mexico ?

  10. Sony will have to make some changes to their mount sooner or later to keep up with Canon and Nikon
    Larger Mounts and shorter flange distance is the future of Lens creation
    I speculate the a7sIII will be a new lens mount
    Sony has screwed us before so I wouldn't put it past them
    Regards, Rick

  11. When Sony came out with the first Betamax an hour tape was over $16.00. So you had to spend $32.00 to tape a 2-hour movie. Then Panasonic came out with the VHS format and the ability to slow down the tape and get more on it. But when movies started coming out for rent on VHS I think that finally killed the Beta Format.
    The same thing Happened with the RCA Video Disc, that just couldn't compete with the Pioneer Laser Disc. Both of them were junk and a lot of customers ended up pitching both formats and collections in the trash, especially when DVDs arrived. I know I did. We allow this to happen by buying unfinished technology and just living with the shortcomings hoping they will eventually correct them. Today if you buy something hoping a future firmware update will make your item finally work, forget it. Only purchase it after that firmware update.

  12. Great video, if you're trying to sell gear while you're in London use I'm using them myself next week, really fair price considering the service.

  13. I'm pretty sure changing lenses or cropping does not change the perspective! Only moving your camera will change that. The only difference between cropping and changing the lens is the depth of field and resolution.

  14. Glad Cuba went well, going to places in advance of them fully opening up is such a great opportunity. Good to have you back 'live' 👍

  15. Welcome back from Cuba and thank you for this episode of TOGLIFE, Matt (and Shravya). Wise words also on the topic of travel photography. Well done to all whose Ritual shots got featured!

  16. Please make sure you don’t fall foul of USA sanctions. Get legal advise as this can get complicated especially since you are considered a USA person as you live in the USA. I may be wrong but check it out.

  17. Funny how the different reviewers are skewed to thier fave companies. The fuji gfxr you commented multiple times on the old sensor and that was prob the last camera to receive that sensor, now 2 more hassleblad cameras with that sensor and nobody has the old sensor comment. I honestly would be more interested in the hassleblad becouse of the leaf shutter, but still it's hard to trust reviewers that seem to have biased comments.. Now that's just my perception so don't take it personal, your channel is still pretty great

  18. Yeah, the sun can really do a number on you in Cuba. I'm sweating just hearing about it :). Can't wait to see the pictures!

  19. ~ 26:00 Sony product volatility does hurt their appeal but I finally jumped on the E-mount after it seemed supported "well enough" for me. I know it will not last as well as F-mount (for example) but all mounts are changing or dying now. Large format is still an option… although a poor one for modern appeal.

  20. For the first time ever, I'm the first one making a comment on a YouTube Video. So glad to do it on your channel. I've been following you since your videos back in AU with Tina. Great videos, thanks for all the great reviews and Tips.

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