Lenovo ThinkPad P43s Review

Lenovo ThinkPad P43s laptop review. A 14″ mobile workstation which is also lightweight. Lenovo P43s is for a performance professional laptop on the run.
** EDIT: First USB-C port is only USB-C with display not thunderbolt as I mention in the video so this laptop only has one thunderbolt port.

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23 thoughts on “Lenovo ThinkPad P43s Review

  1. Hello, great review!!! So I need some advice… I'm debating whether to get this laptop or the T480 model. I'm a college student. I just want this laptop or the T480 to write papers, surf the internet, for when I travel abroad to save videos and pictures, and for its rugged design to be able to withstand bumps, dust, water splashes. I know that the T480 you can also upgrade the RAM and SSD, and have a spare battery I also believe it has the WQHD and FHD display. But does the T480 come with an option to choose a different graphics card rather than an integrated one what would you recommend?

  2. from Halloween promos, I stucked with . . .
    P43s (1336usd) vs X1 Carbon 7th (1322usd)
    Both: i7-8565U, 512GB SSD NVMe
    P43s: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz SoDIMM, 14" 250nits, NVIDIA P520
    X1: 16GB LPDDR3 2133MHz, 14" 400nits
    I don't use CAD but very concern in the price with more power specs.
    Help me please !

  3. Just ordered mine! I was looking for a laptop for casual use. Web browsing, streaming, emails… But also somthing to learn CAD/CAM on. The P43s seem like the perfect balance of performance and price. While still having a slim design compared to some of the other workstations. Your video helped me make up my mind so thankyou 👍👍

  4. The only review of this laptop on the internet so far! A great review!
    I am wondering, why can't I find any other reviews of this laptop? Is it so low volume? A little surprising since it has a better price than T490 AND has a dGpu..
    Why would anyone buy T490 instead of this p43s beauty when T490 is more expensive and has lower spec?

  5. Thanks for the video. I'm a photographer using lightroom and PS in my every day work. Would you recommend the p43 or should i better go with the t490?

  6. How many watts is this computer? More than the Surface Laptop 3? I'll be doing CAD. Also, does anyone know if a new version is coming out soon?

  7. I’m an engineering student looking for a new laptop for solid works, what would be faster this, or the dell XPS 15 with a 1650

  8. Thank you for your awesome video. I am in the market for a new laptop. I had bought the newest X1 but hated it for several reasons– small track pad, washed out colors, and poor battery life. I currently have a T440s but it is 6 years old but performs well. With Windows 7 support ending, I may need to upgrade my laptop soon as I am unsure if it can handle Windows 10 Pro by itself and I need to upgrade battery anyway. Long story short, I am trying to decide between T490s and P43s. The T490s seems ideal because it is light weight and has essentially everything that P43s has but with recent coupon codes P43s is much cheaper ~$500. My question is which is the most ideal for me. I only use my laptop for light photo editing, MS Office, and internet browsing. Assuming specs between T490s and P43s are the same, what is your opinion? Also, are colors washed out in both or are they better if I go with the higher end screen (14.0" WQHD (2560×1440), IPS, 500nits, No touch, IR-Camera, Mic, WWAN, Black)? Thank you.

  9. is it very good for the.latest autocad? which is better p53s or P43s? Is P43s a budget laptop compared to.P53s if i.want to.use.for.autocad or other apps like circuit ?

  10. Hey I'm a law student looking for a good pc that can handle casual gaming, word & powerpoint editing, heavy web surfing & video streaming. Would you recommand me this laptop? Currently Lenovo is having a big sale and the spec seem amazing for the price should I buy it?

  11. I just purchased mine and use it for travel video editing but I'm wondering if I should have purchased the X1 carbon 6. My p43s gets hot but I wonder how it compares to the carbon 6. I ended up 1TBSSD, 16GB and 300 nits monitor

  12. I would have liked this laptop a lot more if Lenovo had made it a convertible like the P40. And priced better – for $600 CDN more your can get the P1 with an i7-9850H processor and T2000 gpu.

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