25 thoughts on “Lenovo ThinkPad P Series 2019 walkthrough

  1. It's very difficult to find any video actually reviewing the P73. I'd like to learn more about it before buying a $2000+ 64GB laptop!

  2. Please, does anybody have experience with double NVMe SSD configurated in RAID 1 in these LENOVO workstation classes P5x / P7x ? Especially, I'm interested in speed of NVMe in RAID 1. I tested RAID 1 in new DELL Precision 7740 with double SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus and speeds are reduced to 3000 / 1500 MBps (R/W) in contrast with NON RAID configuration with same disks, when there is no problem to reach full speed of these disks – 3500 / 3000 MBps (R/W). I wonder if LENOVO is better in this aspect. Thank you!

  3. Hi: I'd like to buy a pc that can run well softwares like: Ansys Mechanical, Matlab and softwares of simulation, design… Which one do you recommend to me??

  4. You say that it's expandable but I feel that is super misleading. You can't upgrade the RAM because it's soldered to the motherboard. If you think you'll ever need 16GB of RAM or more, you are screwed if you buy the 8GB version.

  5. Hi Sam, would you go through P43s please, I really want to purchase this machine, but I know less about it. It looks powerful & more affordable. Thanks

  6. In the specs sheet for the P53 and P73 shows that both of these machines will be configured with the latest i9 core and xeon (up to 8 core), but it will be disappointing if lenovo decides not to configure or give the option to do so for the P53 with the latest xeon E-2286M. As far as the current P52 you can configure it up to the xeon E-2176M. I think we just have to wait and see once they have been made available for sale on lenovo website.

  7. Different vendors have different calibrations with Panel,I think of Alienware M15,that is the best OLED laptop,brightness and saturation.

  8. I own the 1st gen P1 and as many have discussed online, the thermals are bad. I would have loved to hear that the P1 gen 2 addresses this. Recently, Razer added an extra pair of fans up front that bring the temps down on their Blade Pro 2019 17" (but then they have other issues like putting the Up Arrow where you would hit Shift, no Xeon+ECC option and a trackpad that is not centered with the home row keys). I would love to see the P1 get those same extra fans for a cooler experience.

  9. Awesome! Looking forward to P53 reviews. Lenovo really needs to do something about the reflective screens. From the side view at 1min 33sec marker one can see the reflection of the guys shirt on the screen. I hope they have the OLED version without this reflection.

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