Lenovo L340 Gaming Laptop FULL REVIEW with Gaming Benchmarks And Undervolting Experience!

CPU Temperatures + Benchmarks:

My video on how to undervolt:

Full Specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H (6C / 12T, 2.6 / 4.5GHz)
Display: 15.6″ FHD (1920×1080) IPS 250nits 60Hz
Storage: 256GB SSD M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe
Battery: Integrated 45Wh

Link to buy 15 inch:

Link to buy 17 inch:

Lenovo site:

My review video on the Asus ROG G531GT:


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27 thoughts on “Lenovo L340 Gaming Laptop FULL REVIEW with Gaming Benchmarks And Undervolting Experience!

  1. On Lenovo website, they claim that it has 9 hours of battery life. Is that true, I am doubtful that a laptop with H class processor and 1650 Graphics card and only 45W battery can last that long.

  2. Sir can you please tell us about the battery life…I am concerned about it please…by the way I was waiting for such review ..you sir earned a subscriber✓

  3. I highly doubt it that Lenovo is gonna listen to your comment let alone watch your review. You’re not “that” kind of youtuber yet. 😉

  4. Great review!

    I was looking to get L340 off of amazon. Similar to these specs but with minor changes. It comes with i5-9300H , GTX-1640, 8GB ram and 512GB Nvme SSD.

    However, I was wondering is there a way to increase the the disk storage

    512 GB is pretty large but I believe I will need at least 1 tb for school software's and games (some games are +60 gb). There was a video stating that It is possible to add a HDD but you'll need to get the frame and wires for it from Lenovo (which costs about $200). I was thinking of switching the 512 GB SSD to a 1 tb SSD, but not sure if it is possible. Even if it is possible, SSD are pretty expensive.

    If I were to use the 512 gb SSD for a while, is there a simple way to clone/migrate the 512 SSD to a 1 tb SSD? I know there is an easy way to clone HDD to an SSD with samsung SSD software's, but not sure if migrating a SSD to another SSD is as easy (since you can't connect both SSD at once).

  5. I just want to play pubg and fortnite just using medium setting
    And i m from morocco i found it for 900 $ core i5 2to and 8 ram and gtx 1060 3 gb is it good

  6. Love how you're playing Bioshock Infinite! I used to have a very old laptop that can run that game decently, and I've been eyeing that Lenovo for days. Can't wait to play Infinite on my desired laptop. Thank you for the awesome review. 😁

  7. I'm really considering this laptop as a college student because it's capable for gaming yet doesn't look disgusting or gamer-y. Even though it doesn't ship with it, could you still install custom Windows Precision drivers?

  8. i loved to listen about the specification of this laptop but i was confused in two laptop i.e. this and Dell G3 3579 (with same specification) . Can anyone help me which one i have to buy ?

  9. Bro how much undervolt should I apply to i5 9300h on Lenovo legion? Big fan of ur reviews get this man million subs asap

  10. Holy shit, at first i thought you had 2.21M subs (misreading somehow), since the quality of the review is here, but no, you only got 2.21k, holy fuck, you DESERVE all the hype around your video, finally someone who can actually make actual reviews. Thanks dpd.

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