21 thoughts on “Legless guy flies with his cat [CC]

  1. Youtube alogrithem struck gold, i been watching 6 videos from this awsome guy, and im HOOKED!! I do recommend to watch the first video on Rowdy's channel, because that will answer the question you most definitely must have, god knows i had!

    Rowdy my good man, Wish you the best!

  2. Im a recent subscriber and have been watching a ton of your videos the past day or so, i just wanna say hello and thanks for sharing your life with us rowdy! dont forget to enjoy the colorado flowers 😉

  3. You are such a great example of life im so glad to know this video and know u, hope u and sam be great in your new house, love and peace for you, thx for share this.

  4. I found ur channel yesterday and I love your videos rly! I hope yiur channel will grow to a million subs + and you start gaining money for your videos I really enjoy walking you being just happy! You seem like very positive person Love you

  5. Love your videos, great editing, and o really like how they have appropriate subtitles/captions! You are such an inspiration. Good to see you and Sam made it to Denver alright. Best of luck to you, Sam and llona! I live in Denver too so maybe I'll see you on the street one day…

  6. Appreciate your subtitles, It gets a lot easier to understand if english is not your mother language. Love your videos bro, cheers from Brazil

  7. Ok Rowdy…I binge watched all your videos today. My favorite was the Onewheeler trip. Colorado looks cold but I look forward to seeing how it goes!

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