Legion Y545 Review! 9750h, 1660ti, 144Hz with MUX! $1099!

Yeah the price is good on this one! This is NEW to markeet so give it time for availability. I have ZERO control over this.

CPU Performance Tuning Guide

GPU Undervolt Tutorials


-Onekey recovery Lenovo Windows 10 can help you refresh system to original condition if your system crashed or you want to get back to previous state

-The 144hz panel is very solid but no G-Sync. I’m happy we have a MUX at this price so i’m not going to complain.

-How about the teardown and repaste? It was done well before this review went live and temps didn’t budge with Nanogrease or Kryonaut. I”ll post a simple how-to teardown tutorial and link it here…

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39 thoughts on “Legion Y545 Review! 9750h, 1660ti, 144Hz with MUX! $1099!

  1. Hi Bob, if running in the dedicated GPU mode; the GPU is connected directly to the display using what I presume is an eDP connector. Since eDP natively supports adaptive sync, shouldn't Gsync be possible? Especially after the driver update which enables Gsync in non-Gsync compatible monitors.

  2. Hey Bob, thanks for this awesome review, hands down my favorite channel for laptop reviews. I was hoping to get your opinion because I'm between ordering a Y540 (very similar to the Y545, but has slightly better cooling from what I can tell) and a Y740, both configured the same (i7, 16gb ram, Rtx 2070), with only a $180 price difference. I don't really care for the RGB, the better metal build, etc, so the deciding factor for me is the G-Sync. Is the Y740 or G-Sync worth the premium?

  3. Why cant you control fans with speedfan program? Its an old program but still works

    Would liquid metal help? Seems like it would knock of 10c

  4. Hi Bob, I am planning to buy Lenovo Y545 in US from Amazon by seller Avocado Premium PC. Will the warranty still be applicable in India? Thanks in advance.

  5. Word of caution – Lenovo advertises the Y740-1660ti version as being Gsync capable, when in reality it is NOT. There's no option to turn gsync on for this spec. You can verify by searching other posts on the web. The RTX 2060 has gsync, but the 1660ti does not.

  6. Y740 or 7545? I'm about to buy one. First gaming laptop. Not a serious gamer, mostly word processing, vids and occasional games. But if 545 gets too hot, I guess it's a no. I don't know how to undervolt or whatever I'd have to do to rig it so it stays cooler. If I need a higher computer iq, I better not get it. But estetically the 740 is nicer, except for that rainbow keyboard .

  7. You've got to thoroughly test the 545 against the 540 with same CPU and GPU for heat and finally dispel the belief that the 540 has better performance, or prove it true.

  8. For whatever reason when I am in hybrid mode (nvidia optimus) My screen has issues and is black and i have trouble seeing windows. It will somehow eventually come up putting to sleep and waking while also using ctrl shift windows key b to refresh grpahics driver. I also get really bad battery life when disabling the gtx 1660 and having low battery life. I got maybe an hour watching youtube.

  9. Hey Bob thank you for all you do. I really like your content. I ended up buying this laptop based off your recommendation and Its my first gaming laptop since I bought the Asus Nv81 back in 2009. I'm getting it in the mail tomorrow. I ended up getting the model with the 60 Hz screen, I wanted the 144 Hz but for 800.00 plus 6% back I couldn't pass it up. I had a question about the Mux switch because for some reason I having a hard time understanding it. So you have two options in the BIOS: Switchable Graphics, and Discrete graphics. Does the Switchable Graphics options allow you to use the APU or 1660 TI based on whatever work load your doing? I thought most laptops had the ability to do this already with Nvidia optimus? And Discrete will allow you just to enable just the 1660 TI? As if it was the only graphics card on your machine correct? Thanks again for your time Bob.

  10. Could you do a review on Legion Y540. Maybe a comparison especially thermal capability of both laptops. And in my country the Y540 is more expensive than Y545 while being the same spec.

  11. Are the rtx laptops so underclocked that the gtx 1660ti laptops would out perform the rtx 2060 and give the 2070's a go?

  12. Hi Bob, thanks for the awesome review. Quick question:

    I was able to pick up this model for $870 (including tax), except with the 60Hz screen. (Plan to use an external monitor)

    Do you think this is a good deal, or is it better to look at other laptops? From HardwareCanucks review video, I'm concerned with the durability of the hinge and most of all, the longevity of the PC because of the high temps. You said that Nanogrease and Kryonaut didn't do anything to lower the temps. The laptop needs to last at least 5 years. I've got no qualms about tuning as you did. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  13. Wow, fantastic review! I really appreciate your format and attention to detail. Subscribed and looking forward to seeing your other vids.

  14. Your reviews are great. Thanks. Is the power brick the same size as for the y540 and y740? That almost weighs 1kg. I would prefer something with a bigger battery, and smaller power brick, but at this price point I haven't found anything. Are the y540 and y545 similar – just the y545 has a different body design and better build quality.

  15. So I have this computer, but can't figure out where in the bios you configure the MUX? I also don't see MUX mentioned in the costco listing or on their website. Am I missing something? I'm new to gaming on a laptop.

  16. You really gotta change the way you make videos….
    It's a bit boring and too long to watch through. You should present it a bit differently and explain all the things shortly!!

    Good luck ahead..!!¡¡

  17. Went out and got this one about a week ago after watching your review. This laptop has been an absolute joy, and your undervolting guides were a lifesaver. I immediately subscribed after setting up my laptop; thank you so much! Looking forward to more videos in the future!

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