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  1. 0:16 Alternatives to Xbox Scarlett incoming?

    3:51 Moore's Law isn't dead says Jim Keller

    6:35 RX 5700XT benchmarks

    17:50 Ryzen 3900X & 3700X benchmarks

    Lower price now confirmed.

  2. I have seen other benchmark that show the 3900X and 3700X doing much better. So if these CPUs interest you, then I would look at other benchmarks to provide you with more information on performance.

  3. Amd rekt again! Intel master race for real gamers, amd still value king for poor people wishing they could afford the 9900K that has been out for ages by now. Remember intel is crushing amd on 14nm vs 7nm lmao pathetic result. https://imgur.com/a/danANom

  4. The likes of the 5700XT is overkill for 1080P for now. In a few years it will be just right for 1080P. There's no point on thinking of games today only unless you upgrade whenever a new GPU is released. I like to keep my hardware for four to six years so I buy a GPU that is overkill for 1080P today but in a few years I can still use ultra settings in new games.

  5. So release grossly overpriced cards, then release new cards which are slightly faster, slightly lower prices and everybody thinks they've got a great deal. Fuck Nvidia, also amd need to lower prices eve more if they can still only compete with high end Pascal. The 5700 is basically an rx580 replacement just a desperate attempt to stay in the game, card should be £250

  6. Hey let's benchmark at 144p. Wasnt Intel accusing AMD of using synthetics lol? I last played a game at 720p in 2002. 1024×768 to be precise.

  7. When a 4 core Intel beats a 8 core AMD in gaming, you can argue why bother buying more than 4 cores? I'd like to see those 4 cores push all the data required in 1440p max graphics settings and compare it with 8-12 core CPUs because no one buys an expensive CPU just to pair it with an entry level GPU. I can already picture those 4 cores struggling in modern games with proper graphics settings.

    This is why I don't like benchmarking of CPUs will minimum graphics settings because it's not representative to real world use cases.

  8. "in spirit at least (Moore's Law"
    At least YOU know what Moore's Law is. I'm sick of people talking about STACKING chips "keeping Moore's Law alive" without even defining Moore's Law. Also, the observation of the DOUBLING per chip was a modification of an earlier observation that was different. But if we're STACKING chips we might as well STOP TALKING ABOUT MOORE'S LAW in "spirit" or otherwise. I mean, we've got memory chips with at least 72 layers now. The CPU's are going to have something like FOUR LAYERS I believe though that won't likely be four layers of equal numbers of transistors per so I don't know how you begin to define that. So don't bother.

  9. Mr Intel to Gamers – 'We want you to play all your games at the lowest settings so our cpu's look superior'

    Me – 'Get real. I've only used 4K in my real world for the last 4 years.'

  10. The 2700x/1080ti combo gets 84 fps average at 1080p ultra settings in the far cry 5 benchmark. These leaked numbers seem off.

  11. Ive been telling people for a long time now that ryzen 3rd gen will be about on par with skylake, this has been the trend with AMD and gaming. 1st gen ryzen=ivy bridge, 2nd gen=haswell. Im just not sure who ryzen 3000 is for considering how much cheaper 1st and 2nd gen ryzen can be had for, if you are going to pay a premium for ryzen 3000 why wouldnt you get something like a 8700k instead and get much higher gaming performance?

  12. So are yo going to call these super cards for what they are? Inferior 2080's and 2070's sold as super 2070's and 2060's? It's a fancy way for Nvidia to have a price drop and make it look like they are bringing out something new. Most of the tech press are buying it, even Adored TV is,I can't believe people can't see this.

  13. honestly as long as the 0.1% lows and 1% lows are around the same I couldn't give a damn about average framerate. To me smoothness is by far the most important :b Also – what can we learn from this? If you play titles that use heavy crippling DRM implementations. GO AMD!

  14. Now ….. If only AMD will take off another 50 bucks , under their motto " 50th year anniversary " , then everybody will buy an AMD NAVI GPU , instead of Nvidia !
    XD …. but seriously …… i'm happy anyway , because i already decided last week , to buy an RX 5700XT !

  15. 20:15 …. WAIT ….. what ? …… the 3700X has 8 cores and 12 threads ??? No wonder it's behind Intel ! 😉

  16. 720p Gaming Benchmarks? Why?… Oh yeh Cos intel killed at 1080p and they dont anymore, lets just bench at 720p. DX11 engines love frequency, lower the resolution and boom you have a perfect storm for intel cpus. I hate underhanded sh*t like this. AMD is no angel but they don't do blatant bullsh*t like this.

  17. The 5700 should be 300 and 350 for the XT imo, we need AMD to bring back the GPU Market and this is there chance to do it. But atm they still too expensive.

  18. Was surprised that with reduction in size of process that amd still have to push so much heat and power into their GPUs just to try to match nvidias 2070 and 2060…….l reply hope amd sort out their gpu tech so someone can keep heat on Nvidia…

  19. Speaking in terms of generations, the Super is well below a Ti. Sad. The Ti seems to have been the best investment over time. If naming scheme and relative performance stays the same, I'd wait for the next Ti's.

  20. @RedGamingTech, remove the Google+ link from your video's intros. Google+ has been shut down for almost a year I think.

  21. I rather see 1080p ultra results. I don't game at 720p. I game at 1080p and I want high refresh rate 1080p. This test is completely fucking useless.

  22. Interesting time we have for consumers on the CPU front.. On the GPU front who is funding/backing the creation of GPU targeted cryptocurrencies? Some currencies favour certain architectures. This affects the price and availability of certain architectures for PC gamers and therefore affects software development optimisations…

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