Laser cutting 3D printer – Endurance Laser 10 watt honest review – Update in pinned post

Having access to 4 watt and 5 watt diode laser cutters, I was excited to see how powerful a 10 watt system would be. The Endurance Laser website made some big claims and I built my MPCNC Lowrider2 with this laser in mind. Unfortunately, my experience has not been positive and I can only conclude from the 20+ hours I’ve put into testing that this product does not match what is advertised.
This laser was provided at a discounted price of US$300 by George from Endurance lasers to make a video guide/review. It cost me another ~AU$50 to send the first defective unit back to Russia. All opinions expressed are my own.
The video is so long because I’m trying to give this product every chance at success before forming a negative opinion. I hope it is clear from viewing that I have tried to be fair in testing the laser against the advertised claims on the website.
I emailed George several times during my testing to ask for help with issues and point out my concerns. I emailed a final time on Sunday 18th August with an exhaustive list of my concerns as outlined in this video. This was to give him a chance to address anything he felt was unfair or incorrect. He acknowledged receipt but has not addressed any of my points.
My plan to salvage this investment is to source a G7 lens with a longer body locally, and create a proper air assist system. I will also keep reading to see the maximum current and voltage I can safely run the laser at.
Endurance laser 10 watt product page:
Endurance Laser materials safety guide:
Endurance laser goggle test:
Marlin reference for fan1:
CR-10 quick change system:
Endurance laser quick change mount:
Lens info:
J Tech Photonics inkscape plugin:
My custom start and end code to drop into You need to home the machine first before putting on the laser head or Marlin will raise the Z axis 5mm at the start of each job:
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43 thoughts on “Laser cutting 3D printer – Endurance Laser 10 watt honest review – Update in pinned post

  1. Thanks for the honest review. You do a great job. Would you be interested in building one of my diy corexy 3d printers as a project? Specifically the V-Baby to be released september 15? Or is that to much work?

  2. Well I had a terrible experience with endurance as well. I bought the 10 watt plus laser waited a few months and it never came. Contacted george and he sent another and said if the second one arrives just to forward it. I ended up with two laser modules, but no actual functioning laser. One of the lasers he shipped not even in any sort of box. Everything was just thrown in a big blue russian bag and it was pretty well crushed and desrroyed on it journey from russia to Southern California. Once I started tinkering with my laser I never got it to really work, but I noticed severe build quality issues. I have been slowly rebuilding the laser module and control box by cannibalizing the second module and ordering better parts, but it is a pain when I have a full time job to put in 40-60 hours of weekend time fiddling with an expensive laser and it still not work. I do not reccomend buying an endurance laser. This teaching tech video is good though.

  3. Could you please making more videos about the cheap laser machines and how to upgrade them with a bit more details. Thank you 🙂

  4. Awesome video and thanks a lot for using my quick tool change! I'm honoured. Your mounting instructions were very clear, short and on point. Thanks for the other information as well because I want to do more with laser cutting In the future.

  5. Wow that circuit on the inside of the box was embarrassingly bad, and the outside was held together using different sized screws.. So much for that quality 😂

  6. So glad it has all turned out well. I can't believe that he tried to sue you about the bad review. You can't send out units for review and then complain when you get a bad one, if the reviewer has to lie, it is no longer a review and is a paid advertisement.

    It looks like you tried so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt but still ended up having to give a bad review.

  7. When I saw the claimed cutting ability of your laser I almost choked on my sandwich. I have a 40w Glowforge, and it can't match those specs. I can cut 3mm ply at 150mm/min at full power, and Cutting more than 6mm is not workable. Acrylic is about the same. BTW be careful about cutting Vinyl or pvc with the laser. It can release chlorine gas. In any case good ventilation is a must.
    Thanks for taking the bullet for us. I am sure many folks have been tempted by the Endurance claims. I'm glad you got your money back.

  8. I purchased a CNC a couple months ago and was thinking about adding a laser to it for etching… watching this video after all the debacle is like watching a movie where you know the main character dies at the end.

  9. I know you have spent time in this, but really you should pull this video and repost a new video letting people know what a scammer he is.
    Entire community is speaking out against him, you gotta do something, just not a good look for you.

    Thanks man, I have always enjoyed your content up to this point.

  10. LOL!! You bought a Russian laser from a technology challenged Country that just had a nuclear explosion testing 30 year old technology that was found to be unsafe??!! LOL!! That one is on you!! Should have bought a JTech!!

  11. I purchased my laser 18 months ago after a lot of mmming and aahing and it was a toss up between the k40 modded with 1000 hours and an Endurance with 10,000 hours and Endurance won, mainly because of the comments that I saw on the facebook page and George's efforts to communicate with his buyers and group.

    I was new to the world of CNC and at that time did not know pretty much anything apart from what I wanted to do and how to achieve it.
    This company was a start-up and I put my 1100 including post euros in trust and paid George and within a week my Eleskmaker A3 and laser arrived all neatly packaged, in a large box with almost nothing to build, all completed and ready to run.
    I was offered a DIY kit for a hundred euros or so less but I wanted a Turnkey built and ready to go, everything was included, my only issue was software and it wasn't until I discovered Lightburn did my problems start to go away. I didn't even know it would work on my Mac.

     I simply struggled with Inkscape and the plugin on my Mac., Thats my fault and not Inscapes', I just could at that time not get on with it.
    I was looking for a turn key solution and to be fair I got that but I found that I could not deal with the open source software supplied.
    I just did not understand it and therefore I did not use or like it and I blame myself partly for that, I don't think Endurance had been running that long and I guess to keep costs down open source was given as the software.
    I feel there is a lesson to be learned here and that new people who are looking for a turnkey solution and not a bolt on, need guidance and they should be sold a laser with software that an idiot can use and not open source.
    As a matter of course Lightburn should either be given as the software of choice or advised as the best option for new users to the hobby so that the user will be able to use it straight out of he box. $40 is bugger all in the scheme of things for a piece of software that works. and keeps the customer satisfied.
    Most startups fail for one of two reason, the main reason is cashflow and the second is customer service, fail on either one of those and you go bust
    Endurance is still here nearly two years on from my purchase so they must be doing something right.
    They just need to fix the software for newbies and  and come up with a decent manual for what is sent out be it a Head, 3d printer or CNC 3018 all with lasers, they nod need to assume that the customers know nothing and work from that angle upwards. This is something that has been raised on the group page and I understand is being worked on.
    I am still happy with my purchase, its works well, George continues to improve and we have all had the odd freebies and I won my first ever online competition on Endurance's website along with two other guys and we ended up with a small laser each around 2.5 and well t doesn't cut but it certainly etches well, I have now popped that on to my 3d printer and it works fine for a competition win!

    I use my engraver every couple of days I make bits and pieces mainly for my wife who teaches early years and special educational needs, one of the things we do it engrave names and pictures on to lollipop sticks so that that children can use the around the class, they always get lost so my wife is always asking for more. We do pegs, stick pencils, discs and little boxes.

    I can use it to make games, jigsaws and small wooden toys, I have now got to grips with Lightburn and pretty much whatever Tracys asks me to knock up , I can, I have to admit I haven't been cutting 10mm plywood . I do cuts 6 and 8 mm and I use a powerful air assist which I made from Hailea ACO 328 combined with a silicone food  hose and 2mm bore syringe needle and position this in the laser beams path, it reduces charring dramatically and  cutting is now a lot quicker I have found. 

    This is not an Endurance one but one we have discussed and have plans for on the group, Its easy to make and the cost is less that 75 USD

    I don't understand why you have had so much trouble with your laser and why you don't think you have had the support, The group is up to 2000 pus members and we have a good community and support is always available either from the group or the team in Russia or via Discord where again we have a large group of senior members who meet daily in the mornings for virtual coffee and to discuss any issues. 

    I am really disappointed that you feel you have not been looked after, I have to admit I have seen nothing from you on the group pages which I visit every couple of days nor in Discord and surely if you had have the trouble you mention would you not have raised it on the help group?

    Help s there for the asking and we have some incredible laser experts on the group who are not employees of Endurance but simply hobbyists like me but at a more advanced level.

    I paid a normal price for my laser and Eleskmaker CNC and I am very happy with it. The results are excellent and it does everything I ask of it.

    The site has grown since I joined by over a thousand members and now we are a much larger community and it means we all get a say in what is happening and how we go forward. Endurance use the site to regularly communicate with the user base and  promote new designs like the new Fibre laser released a couple of weeks ago.
    George has placed lot of trust in his customers and for that reason I am happy and when the time comes I will buy another laser one day from his company..

    After seeing your review I just felt that I needed to set the record straight as I personally have had no problems whatsoever with Endurance lasers or George Formitchev who is pretty much available 24/7 to answer your queries.

    Thank you
    Neil Scott, Sitges, Spain.

  12. I have had an Endurance 10watt+ laser for just about a year now. You can read about my experience with Endurance and some of my cutting/engraving results on this blog post/review I put together for George Overall I'm happy with the laser – it suits my requirements, but agree the info on the website is not clear and can be improved. There is however now a lot of info available directly from users via the facebook group and on youtube so anybody thinking of getting an endurance laser should definitely access those sources to decided whether or not it is right for them.

  13. I have had an endurance 10w laser for 18 months now I have cut 3.5mm ply in one pass but I use 2 passes as sometimes one is not enough. I am happy with my laser it took me a few months to dial it in but to cut 1-2 passes u need to have air assist you got no chance without it. as to the soldering on the board chicken shit comes to mind but George is improving them and using the new mo2 board so should be a lot better. from when I first bought my laser endurance products have improved a lot and will do in the future im sure

  14. Guys, we spoke yesterday with Mike ( I went to bed at 3AM) and he already pinned some improvements that will be made after this review.  1. We updated an info on our site and added a wider range of possible amount of passes that you need to cut different materials  2. Shortly we will start production of an Endurance MO2 PCB and all lasers will be equiped with MO2 PCB 3. We improved the appearance of our lasers and the will look even better. Also these lasers will be equipped with Mo2 PCB  4. We improved the laser lens with new fixation ring and bigger focusing ring  5.  I am sorry that I did not reply to his concerns. It is my fault that I made him waiting. Usually I reply the same minute as I get the email or you can talk to me via livechat but if the message is quite big then I put it in my "to do" folder and review it 1-2 times a week that requires my  attention.I invite everyone to join our facebook community and stay tuned.  Keep in mind that all Endurance lasers are open-souce and we are proud to share our knowledge and experience with the community. All assembling process and components list is described here   and you can make your own laser based on our guidance and tutorials.and the final thing  – I offer a special deal of 395$ for 10 watt laser and 495$ for 10 watt+ laser (without an air pump) including priority shipment and all you need to get started.If you are interested – let me know gf@EnduranceRobots.comGeorge I FomitchevCEO and founder of Endurance Lasers LLC

  15. Idea:
    Laser tripwire guard that disables the laser and kills the movement the moment the monitoring beam is interrupted, while still allowing freedom of movement

  16. Sounds like if you have the room and the bed size good enough for you, the complete laser machine with 4 times the power is the way to go.

  17. I have a 45W CO2 laser (Glowforge) and some of the stuff they claim their unit can do is difficult for something 4.5X as powerful as that unit.. 6mm MDF cuts great. 12mm you get a lot of charring due to challenges focusing (kerf). And having a open unit like that is a bit scary. Laser cutters produce carbon monoxide besides any fumes related to the material you are cutting. Without proper ventilation you run the risk of death.

  18. Some updates:
    – George has offered for me to return the laser and refund my money for it and the postage.
    – George has updated the website to be more accurate.
    – He says the M02 board is soon to be released and replaces the poorly made M01 I showed in the video.
    – George publicly threatened to sue me for this video review and received a huge deal of backlash from the community and some of his own supporters.
    – I applaud George for finally apologising in a sincere and factual way, setting the record straight:

    Thank you to all of those in the community who gave me overwhelming support. I appreciate it so very much.

  19. Sorry for unrelated comment: are you planning on making a review of the new ender 5 plus? i am really excited for alot of the features like the dual z-rods, the huge build volume and ofc the bltouch as standard (hallelujah!) but am worried about the noise and unbranded power supply.

  20. My 2.5W elks laser cuts quite well. However it has a longer focus lens so the peak power is still down the slot after a few passes. A short focus lens is going to put more of the power on the sides as you go deeper. I would try the long focus lens as I think you will get better results on multiple passes. Especially as on a printer you can move the peak power spot down on each pass without losing as much power on the surface which causes scorching.

  21. Awesome video. I've been looking into laser cutters for my rapidly expanding workshop, amazing what graduating and becoming a full time engineer will do for your personal makerspace. Clearly this isn't the cutter for me but have you considered doing a video for the K40 Laser Cutter? Seems like a pretty common budget laser cutter. They're not small like this but a lot of people could find a home for a $400 40W laser cutter in their workshops if it works alright. Also apparently it is like the Ender 3 in that it's okish out of the box but there are lots of upgrades and tinkering to be done to really make it perform.

  22. It's looking like Russia is the new China? Other than the noted vero board, I noticed at 12:39, the G3 lens looks either dirty or scratched. Sorry you didnt have more success with this Michael. I truly appreciate how much time you spend looking at these interesting ideas let alone filming/editing & uploading for all of us to learn from. Thank you & thumbs up of course!

  23. George from Endurance is a real piece of work. He's been harassing the 3D printing communities for YEARS. Watch this re-upload:

    I pulled the video from my company channel because he was paying people to attack my channel and de-rank all our videos.

    There's also a video with Salvatore Lacorte where he says he pays his workers "$20 a day". After I put out a video showing where he was trading customer information for advertising he had hundreds of people dislike the video. Which looks like what he's doing to your video now.

  24. It just looks like cheap laptop PS, DC buck boost, a laser with a heatsink, and a box. I guess it's buy a bigger diode and PS and see if it makes more power. EEVblog forum might have people who know how to hotrod it.

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