Is iPad mini 5 Right for You? | iPadOS (2019) | Form Factor Review!

So you’re eyeing the iPad Mini 5. It’s powerful, its cheap, but is the form factor going to work for you? In this video I go into detail as to how things scale and work with the 7.9″ screen on the iPad mini 5. I demo note-taking, drawing, YouTube watching, texting, email and other applications for your reference. It is also running the latest iPadOS beta, which as I’ve said in previous videos greatly enhances the utility of the device.
Thinking about buying it for schoolwork? Office life? Drawing? General media consumption? Watch this video to find out if this iPad is right for you!


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30 thoughts on “Is iPad mini 5 Right for You? | iPadOS (2019) | Form Factor Review!

  1. I like the fact its same. And still charges lightning i got so many cords . The laminated display makes big diference between my mini3 and air2 . Air2 colors really pop. I leave all tablets locked in landscape gyro screen turner kills battery. Myself having mini and fullsize i choose mini. But i have mini on me to leave home and connect it to internet with hotspot , boom internet anywhere with phone data.

  2. If that rumored 10.2in bezel-less iPad this year doesn't appear, I'll buy this Mini 5 instead. Coming from an iPad 9.7 2017 that I can give to my family once I upgrade.

  3. I do love the mini form factor. I have had numerous iPads over the years and the first gen iPad mini was my favorite and only mini I’ve had. I want a mini but I like new and shiny things and I want the iPad Pro 2018. Imagine iPad mini in the iPad Pro design 🤤🤤.

  4. I know some people have probably been saying that you’ve been posting “too much” iPad content, but I honestly love it. I’m a firm believer that tablets like the iPad, and even the Samsung tablets like the upcoming Tab S6, are the future of mobile computing. I recently upgraded to the iPad Pro 11 and it has literally replaced 98% of what I did on my desktop PC.

  5. The one criticism I have about the mini 5 as a reading device is the smooth metal back, which requires more force to hold vertically, and can slip on even a slightly slanted surface. (Happened to me with a Mini 2.) In making a smooth metal back, I think that Apple has chosen form over function, and Samsung is doing the same thing. For this reason, I bought an LG gpad III 8.0 for a portable reading device instead of an iPad mini. The gpad has a stippled rubbery back, which provides a much more secure grip without adding thickness or weight by buying a case.

  6. Great video! I loved your comment, "… if you were like my parents ….", referring to the text size on a mini. Well I am like your parents, and for that reason I went with the iPad Air instead of the mini 5. I preferred the lighter weight device, but I'm not sorry I chose the Air. With iPad OS 13 and a smart cover keyboard, I can do most things on this iPad that I can do on a computer, without straining my eyes.

  7. Hey new to the channel just wondered if you could do a review on a ipad mini keyboard and ipados mouse support and test it out cuz I'm planning on trying to make a mini laptop but not sure yet @noah I hope u reply 🙂

  8. I love my iPad Pro 11 with keyboard: I’ve totally replaced my old MacBook, which UI I started to hate. The. only issue is its dimensions: I’d love to have a Mini in addition to this.

  9. Please do a gaming review for the Mini with hardcore games that have many controls on-screen (eg: Vainglory, PUBG, any first person shooter).

  10. I have a nearly maxed out Mini 5. 256GB of storage, WiFi only, Silver. My old iPad was a 128GB and I was running out of storage on that. And I don’t need cellular, when I do, I carry my iPhone with me and use Tethering.

  11. Maybe try using the iPad Mini 4 on iPadOS 13. It’s meant to be the slowest and laggiest device still supported. It has an A8 just like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, not an A8X like the Air 2. And the 6/6 Plus is getting discontinued.

  12. It still infuriates me when I see a device with either iOS 12 or below, or a user not having dark mode on. It really does for some reason.

  13. I used to have a Mini 2. That was actually my first iPad. My second one was an Air 2, but it was dropped and the display was messed up. Now I have a Mini 5. I think I made the right choice. I was running iPadOS 13 on my Air 2 and thought that it may not be too great on a Mini. There wasn’t a lot of content about iPadOS 13 on the Mini at the time, now there is. I made a great choice, typing on my Mini right now!

  14. I’m sure this would be a great device. Ideal world, IPAD pro 12.9 AND IPad Mini AND IPhone XS MAX and switch between them when needed, all synced.

  15. After so many reviews i have watched about the m5 you are the only one who says its pretty good for note taking…

    I love the small form factor but im concerned with the screen space, i will be using it for my medschool notes using the apple pencil, reading pdfs and ebooks

    And no i cannot go to the nearest apple store because i live in a 3rd world country

    iknow that there is the ipad 2018 but for me the size of ipad 2018 is too big and bulky(i have a friend who have one) Any thoughts guys?

  16. I would have bought the iPad mini, but its dated design and lightning port sort of was a deal breaker for me. I ended up getting the iPad Pro in order to get those premium features like Face ID, near bezel-less display, and USBC. That said, it was hard to choose between the two devices because of their pros and cons. Although I did buy the pro and still enjoying it a lot, especially with iPadOS, I have second thoughts sometimes, because of how much I love the mini's form factor and functionality. That just goes to show that the iPad mini is a very appealing product, and I hope tons of people buy it so hat Apple can redesign the iPad mini to have the boxy, bezel-less design with Apple Pencil 2 support. Once Apple makes that, I'm definitely going to buy that in a heartbeat.

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