31 thoughts on “iPhone 6S VS iPhone 6S Plus – Which Should You Buy?

  1. I bought a 6s plus and the camera stopped working. Pictures were blurry and would shake. It got so bad I couldn't even turn it on.

  2. My Device Name is IPhone 6 Plus and It’s running on IOS 12.4.3 and in my mobile settings 3D Touch Is not available!!!!!!!!!

  3. Way to much talking at the beginning , I almost moved on , loves his own voice , get on with the video or apply for Americas got talent " the most talkable boy on earth ". It would be great to show the actual phones as he spoke.

  4. omg i got an iphone 6s plus on my birthday and its ok i guess
    im not trying to be spoiled and im really greatfull for it but its too big
    i mean it doesnt even fit in any pocket and i cant even hold it because i have mini hands ;-;
    i really wanna have an little phone now ITS TOO BIG AND IT ANNOYS MEEEEE!!!!! ;-;

  5. How could he not mention the s*** speakers on these phones, and what a vibration comes through the 6s, when you try different ringtones, are use some of the switches on the phone!

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