iPHONE 6 PLUS Vs iPHONE 6S PLUS On iOS 12! (Speed Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 6 plus and the iPhone 6s plus both got iOS 12, so how do they compare now? Let’s find out!

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35 thoughts on “iPHONE 6 PLUS Vs iPHONE 6S PLUS On iOS 12! (Speed Comparison) (Review)

  1. Even though you are testing the speed of each phone most of the softwares run on how fast your WiFi is even if they are connected to the same internet one will always be faster next time try to fool a dummy

  2. I’m gonna get the 6S since it’s very good & big 2 I currently have a iPhone 6S when I saw the 6S plus I thought oh yeah im gonna upgrade 😎

  3. I just came here because my Phone is 6s plus ı just look for 6+ heigh ım gonna buy ariana grande phone case because they both of the same size bye😂

  4. He was doing too much he was trying to make the 6s plus look good when actually on a speed test the 6 Plus was doing better

  5. The 6S plus is thicker me and it also weighs more. You’ll have these kids trying to throw one screen on the other end end up screwing something up

  6. i am using samsyng galaxy j7 prime2 and its fuckin unsafe cause of google i want ios i want iphone fuck android if it was able to un8nstall completely google i would still use

  7. We don't have 6s plus here, I compare my 6 plus to my partners 7 plus and damn it is so much faster. I would always get left behind on games loading.

  8. Are they are same size? Bc I have IPhone 6s plus and I want order phone case and its only have IPhone 6 plus so it is same or?

  9. You had your iPhone 6s for a while that’s why it’s slow when I open up apps like maps and weather mine is fast and I have an iPhone 6s

  10. iPhone 6 plus had a 20nm 1.4 GHZ dual core chipset
    iPhone 6s plus had a 16nm 1.84 GHZ dual core chipset
    Obviously 6s plus is faster
    Significant difference is 6 plus runs pubg at medium fps and balanced graphics while 6 s plus runs pubg at high fps and HD graphics

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