40 thoughts on “iphone 6 error 4013, 4014, 4005 solutions

  1. please tell me the solution for iphone 5 c time not changing issue..I replaced y2 .dfu mode software change everything .Still same issue

  2. bro whats the problem ipad mini changed nand flesh memory but its dfu mode so its showing error4005,4014 do u have any solution for this problem please bro i am waiting for ur replay

  3. this video is bullshit, the one that measure at the beginning has display ic attached and baseband cpu removed, but the cpu being remove is totally different board without display chip and metal shield at baseband still attached

  4. I had this problem and tried everything….. if you have tried everything then don't despair, if you have the iPad with a mobile sim, take out the sim and try starting up… this worked for me instantly….you don't need to do this…. you will mess up….

  5. Hey up just a heads up if this error keeps happening during restore process what I found to be cause of the problem for me was a faulty charging port it would pick up in iTunes fine however my device had liquid damage from previous owner and things I tried were replacing LCD new battery even removing screen and try restoring it without screen to no avail either error code 9 or 4013 would always appear, however I tried heating the charging port up and progress on restoring was going a bit further than previous attempt, so out of the blue decided on swapping the charging port for a known working 1 and first attempt it booted after restore in iTunes with no error code just thought I'd pass my findings on I'm not saying this will fix everyone's 4013 error but if water ingress has occurred it's a high possibility it's the port 😉

  6. That heatsink for RAM is crap.
    You`re heating the RAM+CPU from above. so the RAM and CPU must get really hot, in order for the heat to transfer to the solder under the CPU.

  7. Hey man you Don't need to Repair or Fix Ic Its Just To small Problem i already Fix without Heating or Removing my iPhone Mother Board Feel Free to Email me or Msg me ill help you out"

  8. My iphone 6 also error 4013, i already try to fix it with itunes but still it can't. Now in my screen still stuck at red itunes logo. Do i must change my HDD ? Please help…Tq

  9. Чувак проверяет одну плату, выпаевает ЦПУ с другой платы, какой смысл видео, то что он паять умеет.

  10. Anh huân cho em hỏi tý. lấy ổ cứng từ main xác thay sang main sống rồi có phải làm gì nữa không anh. hay là phải đổi s/n cho nó trước khi đóng vào main sống hả anh.

  11. ram ko có chữa ah.nhiều cây vừa đặt khò là ram sình bụng.cũng chã hiểu.A.huân nghiên cứu dùi lỗ trên ram cho nó xì hơi khỏi phù làm clip cho ae học hỏi;

  12. em cũng hiểu tiếng anh nhưng vẫn thích anh huân lồng tiếng T.T. xem cái clip 7 phút trong im lặng :)) nó cứ thế nào ý

  13. em ko phải thợ nhưng vẫn thích xem và theo dõi từng clip của a Huân. Mong mấy clip sau a lồng tiếng để mấy bạn như em có thể tiện theo dõi vs tiếp thu hơn. Cảm ơn anh.

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