34 thoughts on “iPhone 11: Unboxing & Camera Tests

  1. I have the iPhone 11 pro and I use Snapchat quite a lot and I have a problem with my pictures looking a lot like pastels in the background I had an iPhone 7 before and it didn’t do that I don’t know why the reason is but does anyone know?

  2. Something no one's talked about is that even though the s10 has a wider field of view, the iPhone has crazy barrel distortion. Won't matter to most people but when I was comparing it to my s10 at the apple store, it was a bit weird. Color temperature was also very warm but that's usually not important. Dr was about on par with my s10

  3. Okay before I continue watching this, I would just like you to know Tyler, that I've been waiting for this review!

    Update: Wow this was what you were talking about on the podcast. Looking forward to the review!

  4. As I said a lot of times, this is literally the best YouTube channel I've seen and also I'm a photographer so I really appreciate your good work!

  5. Woah. If I get my hands on an 11, I would probably make it my dedicated vlogging cam. That quality and mic sound is great!

  6. my grandma said if my comment gets 1k likes i can get an iphone 11! please help out broskis i have been using the iphone 7 since it came out:/

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