12 thoughts on “iPad Pro iPadOs G-Drive R-Series Review: The Toughest SSD…

  1. I’m a coach and the G-Drive is my go to ssd due to the speed of it when converting practice or game film files and whatever else. I haven’t used it with my iPad yet, I mainly use it with my MacBook but once the iPadOS drops in a few days I gotta believe the speed will better when transferring files.

  2. Why don't you just drag and drop the movie with your finger instead of selecting then select the folder you want to copy and etc.Its way faster!

  3. Please try a data portable ssd, they have mixed reviews so it’s confusing… The bit old one is tHe se730h and there is also really new one se800. If you try both it will be really amazing

  4. Can you use it on the lightning port iPad please. I have the official apple hub. So I am looking for the perfect SSD. THANKS.

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