22 thoughts on “iPad Pro 2018 – Student's review in 2019!

  1. If one uses the iPad to replace their laptops, then the biggest screen is recommended.

    What is funny is looking at Apple's Education tab, they feature the Macs first, and then later down the page they feature the iPad Pro. So Apple knows that most students looking to be independent in their schools completely, they need a desktop type of computer. Not a mobile OS.

  2. I'm thinking should I get the iPad pro 12 or the new Mac book pro 13 inch if I can use the iPad for every thing in college then I will just get it.

  3. Hey mate, loved the video. I'm exploring the iPad Pro 12.9 inch with a logitech slim folio to be my primary device. As a uni student who does a lot of typing, web browsing and media consumption, do you think I can get by with an iPad alone? I've been using a Macbook Air, most recently the 2018 model, but am switching away due to keyboard failures.

  4. I first watched the number of subscribers and I was just a tap away until I got fully sold into the videos quality, your selection of words and how good the audio quality was. Keep it up man.

  5. Hi Ramal! thanks for the amazing review! I would like to go paperless and I am currently looking for a new Ipad to help me with my works. Most of my work would involve editing word documents or making comments/highlights on pdf files, not much of a work I assume. For this, would it be better for me to go for the iPad Pro and its 2nd Gen iPad Pencil or iPad Air and its 1st Gen iPad pencil? and whether memory storage would be important, if in addition to these works I intended to casually store and edit photos. Thanks, really appreciate it!

    Apologize if I missed any part of your videos that would actually be helpful to my questions! All the best!

  6. Has yours bent? Those videos scare me, but when I do get mine I’ll take care of it like it’s my new born child.. has yours bent at all or have any significant issues with it

  7. What do you think now that iPad os has been released as a beta? Can you make an updated review in a couple of months talking about differences you've experienced with all the new changes?

  8. i really want this ipad pro or the one that'll come next but i am so worried about its durability
    could you let me know if everyday use in college and the occasional unfortunate falls will wreck it? considering I'll use a screen protector and a case?
    it's a big investment and i would like some feedback

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