iPad Pro 2018 review 💻 the best tool for YouTube ▶️ IOS13

Is the iPad Pro 2018 review 💻 the best tool for YouTube ▶️ when looking for a desktop pc alternative to day we answer this question and go over the pros and cons of moving to a mobile platform for my entire workflow, iPad Pro 2018 review ios13

My gear


Canon 650d

Tokina lens

Takstar mic

Cartoon, why we loose, NCS release, is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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10 thoughts on “iPad Pro 2018 review 💻 the best tool for YouTube ▶️ IOS13

  1. Great video man realy making me think about using this for when I’m away. Let’s see how it works on a 2year old iPad 🙂

  2. Fantastic machines, since switching to an ipad I haven’t used my imac anymore.
    I film with an iphone and use icloud to get my files accros.

  3. I cant afford a basic ipad let alone the 900 quid pro or over a grand with the pencil lol, those workarounds sound like a pain also, I've got to used to having everything at hand on my pc.

  4. Where do you see the future of your channel being? What's the summary of the content this channel will be providing? Is it going to be hobby based? Is it just like a Vlog? I'm only asking cause the varied content has me confused what the focus is.

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