iPad Pro 2018 12.9″ 3rd Generation – Review for Artists

iPad Pro reviewed from and artists perspective. This is a 12.9, 2018, 3rd gen iPad. Let’s see what an EMR snob thinks of it.

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8 thoughts on “iPad Pro 2018 12.9″ 3rd Generation – Review for Artists

  1. Looking forward to continued review of iPad Pro with apps and screen protector. I've had my eye on getting one for awhile, but was worried about performance with 4 Gb of RAM and if screen protector drastically reduces color quality.

  2. Hello. I love your attitude, I am sure I will also love this video. I think people love direct comparison videos: iPad vs iPad Pro, iPad vs Lenovo Yoga-something, Yoga-something vs. Surface pro, Surface Pro vs. Tesla Model X, Tesla Model X vs. I don't know, some of the newer skin cancer treatment products…

  3. Hello! Well…I have the iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen and I use it almost EVERY single day with Procreate and Affinity Photo/Designer.
    And I have also a Cintiq 16 with express key remote and Photoshop CC.
    Well…95% of the times I paint with Procreate! Unless you specifically need to use Photoshop, Procreate/iPad Pro is THE BEST solution I've used so far for almost any kind of digital painting/illustration.
    Its ZERO lag and ZERO parallax and its unreachable immersive digital painting experience is, for me, the N. 1 of the market.

    Ok. If you need to work with huge files with tons of layers or if your pipeline is forcing you to use Photoshop, than obviously you MUST use a PC/Cintiq.

    But for ANY kind of other situation the iPad Pro IMHO is an unbeatable choice.

  4. Yess, i was waiting for this since i have been returning for third time cintiqs 24 due to screen issues… probably this will be the best choice, thanks for the review!

  5. The drawing on glass used to bug me a little. I put an iCarez matte screen protector on mine and it makes a world of difference. I haven't tried the PaperLike one that's supposed to be so great. It was a little expensive to just try. Now that I know that it can really make a difference I might try theirs. Then again, it was only $10 for a 2 pack of this one, and I like it so I might not.

    As far as replacing my laptop, it does get really really close. For my needs anyway. I can go out for the day and only take the iPad most of the time.
    They say that iOS 13 is going to change everything, but it's not out yet so hey. You buy a device for what it can do today, not for what the rumors say it'll do tomorrow, right?

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