iPad Pro 11 Wireless Keyboard Review: Ohni Note Kee…

Check out Note Kee: An inexpensive way to transform that iPad into a Laptop…
Multi-Color Backlit Keyboard, Bluetooth 5.0 and much more…



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ONHI Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11

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7 thoughts on “iPad Pro 11 Wireless Keyboard Review: Ohni Note Kee…

  1. Hey! Love your vids,

    Could you tell me how this weighs compared to all the other keyboard cases (Logitech/zagg/apple etc.) because I’m really looking an iPad Pro keyboard without the added weight and don’t really care for the protection. I would honestly prefer a set up where I can take the iPad out easily for writing/drawing/watching.

    Have any suggestions ?

    At the moment I’m waiting for the moft X with a back case and considering a foldable keyboard but I don’t like the keys to go because of its lack of key separation.

  2. Hey my brother! Just looked for a good keyboard for my ipad 11 and found your videos, and of course the JW app cannot be unseen 😬 Subscribed and sending greetings from Germany to … I guess America 😬👍🏾

  3. I’m really happy with the logitech keyboard on my 11 pro. I still have the zugu case which was hard for me to take off, lol. I love it too, but I have that option to use when not working.

  4. I use a keyboard so seldom that I would not even consider putting my I pad in a keyboard case. I guess that I am definitely different but I wrote one letter last year and made two extensive spread sheets on my I pad all with my Apple ✏️ I just don’t use a keyboard and it would be a real nuance to have one attached to my I Pad. That’s why I love the Zugu Case for my I pad! Good video! 👍👏

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