iPad Pro 11 iPadOs Bluetooth Keyboard Review: Logitech K600 (Trackpad Included)

iPad Pro 11 with iPadOs is coming soon!!!! Get your keyboard here… Reviewing the Logitech K600 Trackpad included!!!

Check out my full review:
Logitech K600: The Multi-Device Keyboard for iPad Pro 11 and Smart-Tvs…


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33 thoughts on “iPad Pro 11 iPadOs Bluetooth Keyboard Review: Logitech K600 (Trackpad Included)

  1. My concern is that the surface area of the trackpad is small, but also, because of physical limitations, I wonder how hard or easy it is to drag and drop items with this trackpad. Could you clarify that for me?

  2. Really love the intro design boss. One thing thought, please change your font on screen that’s on your video to be similar to the intro font. Love what ya do maaaaaan!

  3. If I have to do the laptop with an iPad Pro after spending that lot, I mean literally that lot, why would I leave laptop then!!!

  4. Thanks for the video! Love the content! Have you thought about the MS Surface Brydge keyboards? I wonder how good they would work since they have a built in trackpad. That would be the holy grail

  5. Thanks for the review. Guess it will work with Logitech K400 aswell. What case for the ipad are you using in this video?

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