iPad Mini Review for Students (2019)

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This is a quick video review of the iPad Mini (2019). I talk about why I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for students – for various reasons, I think the iPad Air or iPad are better purchases. However, if you’re just using the Mini for content consumption, then it’s perfect. Enjoy xx
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20 thoughts on “iPad Mini Review for Students (2019)

  1. I'm thinking about getting the iPad mini for study, but more for reading commenting rather than for notetaking. How is the screen for viewing college style textbooks? For example how is this test PDF http://www.cs.binghamton.edu/~pmadden/courses/cs120/C_Programming.pdf . I've got pretty good eyesight, but is it legible without zooming in?

  2. i guess it would really depend on the person cause i have an ipad mini and i sort of had a background already on working on a small screen because i do art on a wacom intuos which is entirely smaller than the ipad mini so yeah it really depends on the person.

  3. Tbh i bought the mini and its quite alright for me ….i do struggle abit with the small screen (multi tasking) but i can get through with it. And like Ali said its very light weighed and i take it everywhere with me

  4. If Apple only had created these devices with ATTACHABLE pens! Can't tell you what a pain it is searching for that pen when I need it. My all time fav was the Samsung note which had a slot the pen slid into. Didn't take up any room at all so the idea that doing so would have made the Ipad/Mini bigger is completely a lie. Apple just hopes you lose that pen so you have to buy another at $99 frealin bucks.

  5. Hey Ali, just have a doubt , I hope you can help me,. I am a dentist by profession. I do my clinic and then again I am studying in a coaching centre for higher studies. I need a ipad which can help me in both situation. I would be needing an ipad for rvg, x-ray record and ease of tranfer of files and simultaneously for my studies. Which one should I go for? iPad air 2019 or ipad air 3.
    One more has the bend issue fixed in iPad pro 2019.
    Please reply

  6. I love my iPad mini 4! I’m typing on it now. I unfortunately returned the new iPad mini 5 because viewing angles were significantly worse (probably due to the addition of pencil support), the calibration is now for a flatter and duller image (duller whites and less bright colors) and a warm color balance (True Tone was off) making pure white elements not look pure white like in my iPad mini 4. I also compared my mini 4 to five other in-store mini 5s and the same results.

    Oh, and at certain viewing angles blacks were actually starkly magenta/purplish. Really disappointing Apple. Displays are supposed to get better, not worse. I sent them feedback on their feedback page but they never respond to anything I have sent them over the years and they have never addressed any of the bugs I have notified them of. Not the same company as under Steve Jobs. Once support stops for my iPad mini 4 (after iOS 13) I will see if iPad has improved the display because I greatly prefer the mini.

  7. Which iPad would you recommend for a resident? (for reading, studying, the ward, and the clinic) or would you go for the traditional textbooks?

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