iPad mini 5 vs iPad mini 4: What’s The Difference?!

Apple has released the 2019 iPad mini 5 to much fanfare. But what is changed from the old iPad mini 4? AppleInsider fills you in on everything that is new!

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45 thoughts on “iPad mini 5 vs iPad mini 4: What’s The Difference?!

  1. I bought one of these, for the first 2 weeks the battery seamed to last for days, now it drains 10% per 10 minutes so 1-every minute, things is well maintained, have to get new one, Apple keeps failing me since Steve’s death 🙁

  2. Have the mini 4 for 4 years now. When i heard the mini 5 was coming out i was soo excited…..until
    1: no usb-c
    2: same 7th gen design
    3: first gen pen
    There is no reason to upgrade. Updated specs are cool, but is nothing that really matters to me. The updated processor is cool but my mini 4 is doing fine. Never used the mini 4's cameras. Screen of the mini 4 is still usable, not missing much from the 4.Don't care for updated wifi or bluetooth the mini 4, again is doing just fine. "Guess" this would be a good upgrade for mini's older than the 4. Wow though. I love the idea of smaller yet "still" powerful tablets. No company not even Apple can do it. Pathetic

  3. يأخذها انا أتمنى واحد بسسس وهو مأخذ اثنين يطلع الفروق اللي فيهم قهههرررررر

  4. I'm not sure why, but it really bothers me they didn't make it a Display like the iphone X or iPad pro.
    Probably to keep the cost down but it still botheres me it still has a button. 🙂

  5. Omg I need help asap!
    So i have been reading through the comments and ppl were saying that there ipad mini 4 works way better than the ipad mini 5. But heres the thing, I have the ipad mini 4 and it is soo trash! It always shut down by itself and it turns off my wifi to the point where i CANT turn it on! So…. should I get the ipad mini 4 (again) or upgrade to the ipad mini 5??

  6. I returned my iPad mini 5 because of its poor display quality compared to my current iPad mini 4. In comparison to my iPad mini 4 the iPad mini 5 display has terrible viewing angles, a magenta tint in blacks, a yellowish/greenish overall color balance and a reduced white point making colors and contrast dull looking. The only positive of the iPad mini 5 was the dramatically better processor performance. A real shame. Apple should have used the much better iPad mini 4 display for the iPad mini 5.

    I compared my iPad mini 4 to the iPad mini 5s on display at the Apple store and they had the same problems. I have also run into quite a few people seeing the same deficiencies I did. By the way, True Tone does not work to deliver a proper color balance under different lighting conditions. It's a crap feature.

  7. I replaced an original Mini with a Mini5. I love it. I ordered a case from Amazon and wondered why there was an extra hole? The microphones, thx. So many new cases may be iPad Mini 4/5 cases.

  8. USA: https://amzn.to/2UvNtoi
    Apple iPad Mini 5
    (Wi-Fi, 64GB) The Best Small Tablet.
    Apple have finlly update the iPad mini 😃

  9. USA: https://amzn.to/2UvNtoi
    Apple iPad Mini 5
    (Wi-Fi, 64GB) The Best Small Tablet.
    Apple have finlly update the iPad mini 😃

  10. Please reply to my question on your earlier video on how to format your macbook please i need your help my question was: Will using that method remove icloud acc. if i haven't signed out as I have lost access to that old one?

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