iPad Mini 5 Review – MUCH Better Than Expected!

The new iPad Mini didn’t seem impressive… until I started using it. Wow, this is an awesome little tablet!
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CORRECTION (4/4/19): Guys… I made a mistake… this mini DOES have gestures!!!! I can admit when I’m wrong… haha. Seriously thanks for pointing this out though and for understanding the YouTube grind and that sometimes… mistakes get made. Thanks for watching!
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Time Stamps:
1:26 – What’s good about the Mini 5
1:26 – Best thing: the size
2:07 – Thumb typing is awesome
2:33 – Great for consuming media
2:56 – Surprisingly decent for creating too
3:36 – Have large smartphones made the mini’s size irrelevant?
4:46 – Apple Pencil support break down
6:47 – Price (vs other iPads)
7:33 – Performance
8:47 – Great screen
9:23 – iOS 12 on the Mini
9:52 – Good battery life
10:20 – What’s bad about the Mini 5
10:20 – The ancient design
11:22 – Things current iPhone owners will miss
11:42 – Using a Bluetooth keyboard
12:00 – The cameras aren’t good
12:14 – No ProMotion
12:29 – Slow charger
12:39 – Bad things about the Mini’s size
13:35 – Who should be buying this iPad?
14:11 – Will I be using now that the review is over?
14:28 – What it all comes down to
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32 thoughts on “iPad Mini 5 Review – MUCH Better Than Expected!

  1. It took 4 years to get it may be like chevy avalache its going to be last hooray for mini. I will buy one cause i am on a mini 3

  2. I've been using a tab S2 for 3 years now because Samsung abandoned the 8 inch form-factor… and sadly the only alternative is Huawei, eh.

  3. I'm a huge android fan and big apple hater

    Apple kept bezels and the headphone jack

    That's why I'm buying one. To hell with Samsung

  4. Is buying an iPad mini 5 in september 2019 worth it? I mean, maybe Apple will release an iPad mini 6 next march 2020… or not. When I see all the power in the 2019 version I wonder why Apple would release a new one in 6 month. I'm blocked by the design of the 2019 version. Humphh!

  5. @DailyTekk I want to upgrade my mini 4 to either air 3 or mini 5. I'll primarily be using it
    for navigation. Thoughts on which I should choose?

  6. This is Apple’s best new device this year. It even has a headphone port! The screen and the processor are the best I’ve seen on any tablet of this size. It’s priced well for it’s specs too.

  7. Hopefully youve used it long enough to realize IT DOES have gesture support. All iPads running iOS12 and newer have the same gestures as the iPad Pro, my guess is bc Apple new they would have iPad’s with the classic design for quite some time. Don’t believe me? Swipe after reading this.

    You literally do not have to use the home button at all unless you want to scan your finger.

  8. I just bought one and love it! But I hope I don’t get caught with the old design at the office or Starbucks!! That was such a douche bag statement! In my opinion

  9. I'm buying this model as a first apple device ever. I'm giving a shot at the future iOS 13 (based on some reviews, this particular version seems to have reached a point in development where it has become bearable in terms of usage). I'm a long time Android user and will stay that way most probably. After watching a couple of hours worth of reviews and comments I can finally realise the term apple fanboy is really a thing ! Almost all so called tech "reviewers" are dribbling more bullshit than you're elected orange president in terms of facts.

  10. I love this new mini. I always keep an ipad around for my guitar, but the older, fullsize one just sat in my guitar case between uses. This one is small enough to go in my purse and has become my new ereader as well so it goes everywhere.

  11. I’m getting 11/12 hrs of battery life. And the bezels aren’t even as bad as the iPad 6/5th gen and all the older iPads. I don’t feel any kind of way about the bezels. I think the Mini is the perfect in-between device of an iPhone and a full computer or larger iPad. And about the charger, it is in-between the power speeds of my iPhone SE and my old iPad Air 2. It is pretty quick judging by how long the battery lasts for.

  12. Ipad Mini is Great !!!
    I bought it 2 weeks ago- and it is my first Ios device, that is how good this Mini is. I'm using it as pro device – bcz it is so light and small i can take it with me every single time i need it

  13. I loved the mini. Unfortunately Apple haven't put USB-C on it. I was going to buy the mini and ended up buying the pro 11 after the iPadOS announcement. If they updated the mini with USB-C, or release a "mini Pro", I'll be all over it

  14. Being using my iPad mini 2 for around 5 years! I’m buying the iPad mini 5 for sure. This is the best size for me: reading scientific papers, books, taking notes, creating mind maps, using it during the classes I’m teaching, etc.

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